2 Birds … 1 Stone …


I wish I could take the credit for coming up with the name, but alas, young Peche (who doodled the ghetto owl) was the wordsworth. Who knew! If you are in Perth on the 30th July, or if you want to fly in, you should totes hit this up. It’s the Owl at the Bird! Just one big ‘ol fucking avery. (It also just happens to be my birthday on this day….sshhh)

Get in the nest x

4 Comments on 2 Birds … 1 Stone …

  1. We have the same birthday 😀
    Also, I saw you last night at Exit Through the Gift Shop. Not that you know me, but I recognised you from the photos and whatnot.
    Good movie, no?

  2. t was a great movie, I really liked it. You should have come said hi! Next time :)
    Espesh as you must be pretty incredible with having your birthday on the 30th and everything x

  3. Yeah except I'm only turning 19, so I'm a baby. The Bird is a pretty rad place so I may go there for a bit and celebrate you being the only other person I know (but don't really know) with the same birthday.

    Also, is it not awkward having someone come up to you and utter "I read your blog"?

  4. 19?? Tht gives me a decade ahead of you girl. (That wasn't bragging, I shed a tear)
    Nah, not to sound like a tool, but it does happen now and again that someone will tell me they read my blog. Come and say wassup nxt time x

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