A little light reading for your Sunday night.

Love is a pretty selfish emotion when you think about it.  Romantic love anyway.  We only put it out there in the hope that it will be returned because as much as we all want 'to love' we all want to feel that love back.  Man, what an unfair burden to put on another human! That is why people get animals...for that no brainer, unconditional reciprocated affection.  You can count on the fact that at least once a day a living thing will be happy to see you.

I always thought owning a pet was a bit obnoxious (ha!) until the other day I picked up a puppy because I was hurting inside and it felt good.  It was similar to that immediate relief you get when you burn your finger on the oven and stick it under a cold, running tap.  Except you know you have to switch the tap off at some stage and walk away and the minute you do, the pain will be back.  It’s the kind of pain you can live with, but you’d rather not.

Do you think it’s why humans are conditioned to want children?  To create little, tiny versions of ourselves that we will love so unconditionally which in turn helps us to learn to love ourselves?  Maybe.

The Beatles said ‘All You Need is Love’ but does it matter where you find it?  The Bible tells us that we all have it within in the form of the Holy Spirit…I guess thats where it starts.  ‘Like attracts like’ according to the laws of attraction.  Happy people who like themselves usually attract other happy people.  So if you love yourself then you will probably attract someone who will love you?  That sounds a little unfair to be honest.  Thats a bit like a millionaire winning the fucking lottery!  What about all of us who don’t love ourselves that much and need validation in someone else’s affection? Hey? What about that?!

This is why God made cheese. And red wine. And $10 dresses that fit like they were made just for you.  I love all those things.


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