Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway HOMME Part 6

THE WORST THING YOU CAN SAY TO A GIRL WITH PMS … ‘WHAT’S UP? HAVE YOU GOT YOUR PERIOD OR SOMETHING?’ – It is also the worst thing you can say to a girl if she is just in a bad mood. Don’t make us want to kill you. Just don’t.

TRY NOT TO ROLL OVER IN THE MORNING AND PROD US IN THE BACK WITH YOUR MORNING GLORY – Seriously. Just ask instead of poking us in the back with your willy like you are all manly with your big stick stoking the fire.

CHOOSING TITS OVER SUBSTANCE WILL BITE YOU IN THE ASS IN THE END – Those boobies will drop eventually, and when they do, you best hope she has more beer than foam going on in her head to keep you interested. And don’t think that you can just go out and find some new tight ass, because a lot of things on you would have dropped by then as well.

THE FOLLOWING THINGS WOULD MAKE YOU A CHEATER: Sex texting another girl – better know as ‘sexting’, sending raunchy emails, asking another girl to send you raunchy emails and photos, phone sex, hitting on another girl when you are out and asking for her phone number and then sexting her and arranging to meet up – even if you don’t meet up, you have been intimate. So just because you didn’t get any pussy, doesn’t mean you ain’t a bad guy. So screw you and your fucking loop holes.

The last one goes for girls as well, don’t worry…I’m always telling them off too x

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  1. for some reason men don't think raunchy chats/emails are cheating. why is this? i think it has something to do with them watching porn all the time too(i watch porn too so i'm not hating on it) but if we were to look at cock all the time, i think they would have a major problem with it. loop holes a plenty with the male species.

  2. They love the loop holes I tell ya x

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