Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway part 120



  1. FML = Fuck My Life. Why would we say that? Let’s all agree to stop saying it. What you put out into the world via your mouth is usually what you get back and being all FML about everything makes you sound ungrateful. It’s not funny anymore.
  2. Some girls need other girls (even sometimes their own friends) to be lesser than they could be in order to feel better about themselves. Is it you? 
  3. Sometimes all you want to do is stay in with a bottle of wine, watch teen movies from the nineties and paint your toenails on a Friday night and that is just fine. Just don’t let it be every Friday night. 
  4. I will never stop repeating what I have to say right now: Never ever put your self worth second and a boy first. Not even a boy, it can be anybody but we mainly do it when our knickers are wet so I say boys. If you are out with your friends and having a good time you don’t need to jump when he says so. In fact, put your phone away. Don’t be the ball and chain, be the women who has a life! A mysterious creature! A fireball of fun! An independent lady! 
  5. Get off your phone. 
  6. Everyday is like a movie that you don’t know the ending of. Unpredictability is what keeps things interesting. 
  7. Clean your room and change your sheets regularly. If you are doing it less than once a fortnight then you are doing it wrong you big grubby so and so! 
  8. Accept compliments! Even if you don’t think you deserve it. If someone gives you a present on your birthday do you say ‘Ah I’d rather not have this, could you take it back?’ No. No you don’t. Say thank you when someone compliments you. It’s a present made out of words. 
  9. Going through a break up? I swear to God you will be fine. Just don’t over eat and get fat like I did. 
  10. We gossip about people because we think it gives us power. By talking about someone else it draws the attention away from all the bullshit that we do. Don’t get it twisted though…there is talking about someone with someone else because you are unsure of them and often you can come out of a conversation like this with a better opinion of said person. Then there is having a third party conversation with someone else with malice intent. The power of words! If you put out negativity then it will come back on you. If you trust me on nothing else then just trust me on this one. 

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  1. brilliant… as always.

  2. The wisest and most insightful of them all as always. Great slice of food for thought

  3. The wisest and most insightful of them all as always. Great slice of food for thought

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