Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway part 124


  1. It’s ok to love social media. There is no point in berating yourself over using it because you are now part of something that is just modern life. It is how we communicate and consume information, it has even replaced the television for a lot of us which, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing. The TV is something where you just sit in silence as something barks at you, social media calls for dialogue. 
  2. You need to control how you use social media or it will use you. Your tweets and instagram photos allow people into your views on the world and everything in it. Your facebook feed is practically an archive to your life. You need to decide what your boundaries and standards are and endeavour not to cross them otherwise, someone else will set them for you and that is when you begin to hate the world wide web.
  3. Smart phones have made us all reachable wherever we are at whatever time of day, this is true. But only if we have it with us. Sometimes it is better to leave your phone in the other room, in your handbag or even better, switched off. You decide when people get to reach you…this will help with your love/hate relationship with modern communication.
  4. Sometimes it is better to fuck and other times it is better to make love. Yes I said ‘make love’ – it’s not corny, it’s tasteful.
  5. Listen to this 
  6. Salt, pepper and lemon juice can turn fine tasting food into great tasting food. Think about how small these things are and how easy they are to come by. Life is full of small things that can make your days taste better.
  7. Every woman should own something gorgeous to sleep in.
  8. Every woman should own at least one dress that makes her feel like Diana Ross in the seventies.
  9. Every woman should experience an abnormally large penis at least once in her life.
  10. Every woman should know how to roast a chicken, change a lightbulb, know what is going on under the bonnet of her car, give a decent blow job, take a trip by herself and walk in high heels.

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  1. Love it ! You decide when people get to reach you, this just changed my life.x

  2. Uh, I love these advice columns.

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