Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 22

GET YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP – Because without it, you are a moody, cranky bitch and you will get bags under your eyes. Louis Vuitton bags, but bags none the less. Just make sure that you get to bed before 10pm at least 3 times a week. You’ll feel better for it, I swear!

FRIDAY!! WOOHOO – SO GLAD IT’S WEEKEND!!! – Oh my good gracious God this is almost as irritating as Tyra Banks. Just chill the fuck out man. Living from weekend to weekend is a complete waste of life. Catch a mid week movie, a catch up with some mates at a pub – have everyone over for dinner…whatever…just please stop with the weekend euphoria.

HAVE AN APPRECIATION FOR OLD MUSIC – Because without it, we wouldn’t have new music. ‘Does it offend you yeah?’ is not the height of musicality – trust me.

IF THE DUDE CANCELS YOUR DATE AND DOES NOT RESCHEDULE STRAIGHT AWAY THEN BE UNAVAILABLE – Um excuse me, you have a life – and he was lucky you were able to fit him in, in the first place. Don’t be waiting at his beck and bloody call – you have other things to do…such as juggling other guys, getting your beauty sleep, working on your career and taking over the world. Mr ‘I cancel dates with hot chicks ’cause I’m an idiot’ can just hold on for a second.

SOMETIMES YOU SHOULD JUST SAY YES TO THINGS YOU DON’T REALLY WANT TO DO – No…I don’t mean sex with weirdo’s, that’s just not chic. I mean things like camping, or going to that gig that you aren’t particularly interested in. This is when you will find yourself having an adventure and possibly meeting some wonderfully random people. Put yourself out there my darlings.

EVERY GIRL SHOULD OWN A DRESS THAT CINCHES THE WAIST AND PUSHES OUT THE BOOBIES – Well, I mean the curvy girls anyway. Every skinny girl should own one of those bodycon dresses that grip your body. Be unknowingly seductive schweetie. As a woman, you are more powerful than you realise.

Big love x

6 Comments on Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 22

  1. Anonymous // 2009-12-09 at 1:05 AM // Reply

    NOTHING is as irritating as Tyra Banks. Not even 'almost' as irritating. But I see where you were going there, babe.

  2. I definitely agree with putting yourself out there and doing things you dont particularly wanna do. Its a great opportunity to do new things and meet new people :)

  3. oh god – i completely agree with your comment about annoying friday euphoria. i think it's a perth thing – i only noticed it when i moved here.

  4. Awesome advice, as always :)
    And, saying 'yes' more often really does lead to unexpected adventures! I used to believe in those initial 'I haven't got a good feeling about this' sensations, but now I take a more easy going attitiude… sometimes 😉

  5. Somebody once said: There is so much fun on the other side of Yes. How true.

  6. Completely agree with the 'weekend to weekend' living. People should never say 'I wish it were Friday" because they are wishing their life away… and before we know it – we'll be old and grey!!! nooooo!

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