Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 31

IF YOU HAVE YOUR EYE ON SOMETHING SPECTACULAR JUST GO AHEAD AND BUY THE DAMN THING – Because these talented designers end up doing silly things like topping themselves and then that precious item will be even further out of your reach. Lee McQueen, you stupid muppet, we bloody loved you. We will wear our skull scarves with pride. Dress those angels in your bad ass creations.
YOU KNOW WHEN YOU MAKE THOSE DRUNKEN/HIGH DINNER PLANS ‘Oh I love you, we should do dinner in the week’ AND THEN YOU NEVER DO IT? WELL, YOU SHOULD. -Because you end up having a great time and it puts a sparkle into an otherwise beige week.
PEPSI MAX IN THE ONLY SOFT DRINK OF CHOICE – I am currently experiencing an addiction.
IF THE WINE YOU ARE PURCHASING HAS A PICTURE OF FISH AND CHIPS ON THE LABEL, YOU ARE MAKING A BAD CHOICE – In an ideal world it would mean that it goes well with fish and chips, but in reality it actually means it would probs be better ON the fucker.
YOUR MOTHER WILL NEVER ENJOY YOUR SENSE OF STYLE – For example, my mum said to me yesterday ‘Why do you wear converse with such a pretty floral dress? A pair of sandals would be better’ – thanks for that Mum. Just go with it.
Today is a sad day for fashion :(

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  1. Pepsi Max is the king of soft drinks!!!

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