Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 32

SHAVE UNDER YOUR ARMS PLEASE – If I have to tell you why, then kindly stop reading this blog. I don’t know you.

ALL GUYS THINK ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH YOU WHEN THEY FIRST MEET YOU– The thought crosses their mind for defs. First they think ‘Would I?’ and then if the answer is yes they think, ‘Could I?’. Trust me on this. Don’t make your ass an entree, it deserves to be the main course. Comprende?

CLEAN YOUR CAR YOU DIRTY GIRL – Nobody wants to get in your ride if they have to sit amongst McDonald’s wrappers and clothes that need a spin in the washing machine. Sure, sit there and say, ‘Don’t get in my car then’ – but then you have to ride around in your muck all the time. I’m thinking of YOU here girl.
DO NOT COPY ANOTHER PERSONS TATTOO – It’s kinda like getting plastic surgery to make yourself look like someone else. Well OK, maybe that’s a bit of an extreme comparison but it’s still stealing someones identity. Just don’t.
HAVING SEX IN THE DOGGY POSITION WILL 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 GIVE YOU CYSTITIS – Go pee straight afterwards to flush out any bacteria he has pumped into you.
What?! Your mum ain’t gonna tell you that now is she?
God speed x
art by: motel 7

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  1. I would say wax instead of shave, it is less iritating and after a while you have less and less hair.
    You are going to save lives with this last one I hope you know that

  2. I am wondering where you got the last bit of disinfo regarding cystitis and doggie style sex? Its …way wrong. In fact, doggie style sex is good for the complete opposite…

    All sex, regardless of the position can give cystitis, but one of the best positions to REDUCE this risk is doggie style.

    From 'babycentre.co.uk" :
    Sex can cause cystitis as bacteria can easily enter your urethra. ALWAYS pee straight after sex (not very sexy but significantly reduces the risk of suffering) and ideally before too (try having a drink of water at the same time so you can go again after the event!). The best position to reduce the risk of cystitis is doggy style (apparently the way the penis prevents such deep penetration).

    Doggie style is even good for dyspareunia!
    From 'womanology.net' :
    Women who experience dyspareunia secondary to a painful cervix/ uterus often experience less pain and organ trauma in positions such as “doggie style” or “spoon style” (with the woman side lying and the man behind).

    Just thought id let ya know!

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