Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 59

PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME – For many reasons, but mainly because the anxiety of them hanging over your head is way stressful. Plus a clean credit rating is a fun thing to have.
KEEP UP THE DIRTY TALK – It’s hot. And it will keep him rock hard.
SWALLOW – It’s hella less messy and it doesn’t taste THAT bad. Don’t be such a fucking girl about it! Plus if you do it right it can totally miss your tongue i.e. your taste buds, and hit the back of your throat. Keep a glass of something nearby either way.
I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE, PLEASE IGNORE THE DO’S AND DON’TS IN THOSE FUCKING SO CALLED ‘FASHION MAGAZINES’ – Double denim is fine. Horizontal stripes are fine. Who the fuck are they?
THERE IS A 6 MONTH RULE WITH REGARDS TO GETTING WITH A GUY YOUR FRIEND GOT WITH – I don’t mean ex boyfriends of friends…that is a different matter entirely. I mean the dude who your friend was kinda seeing like for 2 weeks or some shit. Don’t just be hopping on that conveyor belt. Sure, she doesn’t own him, but let’s be honest…there is defs a certain amount of territorial shit going on. I’m sure you can understand? Haven’t we all been on both sides of the fence at some stage? Don’t scrimp on sensitivity.
DON’T BE A BITCH FOR THE SAKE OF BEING A BITCH – Otherwise it’s fine. Like if someone is tryna take the piss, or if the situation calls for it.
Yeah yeah, I know I’m one to talk…that’s why I say I don’t use it anyway. Innit. x

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