I love make-up and skincare, I always have.  My last 50 bucks would probably go on a lipstick before a new dress.  I started doing these posts because I feel that there is so much in the media telling us to ‘buy this’ and ‘try that’ and how about those ridiculous mascara ads where the chick has lashes about a metre long?! And those air brushed to fuck ads of has been celebs?  Good grief.  In my experience, the best advice I’ve had in relation to all things beauty has been from friends.   So consider me your friend, and here is my tried and tested advice.




Yo, sometimes I get sent things to trial and thats cool, I’m down. I mean, its free shit right?  But I’m not going to ride anyone’s dick over something just to get more free stuff because that defeats the purpose of this post.  Also, I am a writer before a product pimper thank you very kindly.  Anyway! Let’s talk about Evo.  Someone at this particular PR company has done their research (theres a first) and sent me the volumizing range…Gluttony Shampoo, Bride of Gluttony Conditioner  and Day of Grace Leave-in Conditioner WHICH I left in last night and today my hair feels bouncier that Beyonce’s thighs oooooooo weeeeeeee.  Yeah, you got me Evo.  I like their quirky copywriting and simple packaging.  I like how my hair smells, I like how easy it is to manage and that it doesn’t coat my hair in silicone which is what all cheap hair products do to trick you into thinking your hair is shiny.  The stuff ain’t cheap nor is it expensive…we’re looking at about $24.95 per product.  They sent me these three in a delightful little red and white bag which is part of the Christmas Range.  I think right now if you buy three products you get 20% off or something.  Check out their site and they may sell it in a few select salons.  Yeah, ‘select’ ya’ll.  We beez SELECT.


For as long as I live and breathe I will never stop harping on about how much you should drink water.  Hands down, if I have been drinking and not washing my face properly and not getting enough sleep and my skin begins to look like a meth head’s I have two words for you 1) water and 2) fake tan. But first, water. Water all day every damn day.  On the hour, every hour.  Dehydration is the source of all things bad i.e. bad skin, headaches, fatigue and many other shit things.   I literally have to spend 2 days necking back H2O and my skin is back to its glowy, plumpy self. Hooray!



I think I have mentioned this before in another post? Well what evs, I’m mentioning it again.  Honey, I have tried every moisturiser you can imagine.  OK, I exaggerate I haven’t really, mainly because I don’t have a load of paper but even if I did I would still probably go for this $10 number from the supermarket because the shit agrees with me. Sure, that other $150 stuff may transform me into a butterfly but for those that just don’t have the money, this will do you perfectly fine.





Bombshell – A lovely, everyday lippy.  Put gloss over it at night for when you want that slutty look…you know what I mean.



Lady Danger – Red with a hint of coral.  I think this is everybody’s fave though so apologies for not being very original.



Impassioned – A delightfully fun hot pink! It’s nice as a shock of colour across your face.




This song sums up everything I have to say about this blemish killing, skin firming, complexion enhancing magical potion…

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  1. Oooo yes I have lady danger, it’s grand. And now I’m keen to check out that evo brand. I’ve seen it around for ages but never tried…

  2. I need to get my butt in gear and finally try the MAC lipsticks. At the moment I’m still at my summery L’Oreal Rouge Caresse stage…

  3. Clinique, Moisture Surge is amazing! do try

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