Gather round ladies, Mama Owl gwaan tell ya what I use on my mug. Fuck, I’m no ‘beauty guru’ (beauty guru’s don’t say fuck for one thing) but I know what I like and I am just a little bottomless pit of opinion, so HEAR ME NOW!!

This here is MAC’s gel eyeliner pot or better known in the ‘bizz’ as FLUIDLINE and they call it fluid because it is. Fluid and smooth and long lasting.  Not only on your lid, but this little demon lasts a bloody age. I’ve had this pot near on 5 months now and shit’s still just giving and giving.   You need an angled brush….exhibit A…



I have the MAC one as well. I mean, I was buying it from there and stuff and they gotta do their little upsells and flog you all the necessary apparatus. It’s not like you can use this shit with your finger, the brush is uber essential, you’d think they’d throw in hey?!  Anyhow, it’s not that expensive this eyeliner stuff, it’s only like 40 bucks, the brush ain’t too far off that.  But really, unlike boys, brushes last relatively forever if you take care of them. I tell ya, that little angled shape on this brush combined with that pot of black magic will give your eyes wings that’ll make ya fly like Air Jamaica girl.


OK so I always thought brush cleaners were daylight robbery bullshit. UNTIL my sister the make up artist used this in front of me one day. I swear to God it’s like it magically gave her new brushes. It’s $20 a pop though which is a bit exsy but I just had to have it for my own very unimpressive brush collection. *FYI – I am not on some kinda MAC sponsorship here* Seriously though, you gots ta clean your brushes. It’s uber gross not to. Once I didn’t for weeks, and suddenly Zitney Spears was world touring on my jawline. Look, I’ll be honest though, I probs won’t buy this again…it didn’t last very long and you suddenly get hella paranoid about cleaning your brushes so it starts getting well $$$$$$$$, so I found this vid by Michelle Phan on youtube, and if you can look past her sugary sweet voice, her video’s are pretty wow.  CLEAN THEM BRUSHES!



I know right! How addictive is it watching this shit? They make you feel like you will be a better person or something if you invest in your beauty regime. And you know what? I believe them.



Yup, no more MAC to be seen here! It’s all about NARS baby! I love this fucking foundation. And so I should…it was one hundred thousand dollars minus the hundred thousand. Sheer Glow Foundation by NARS  is the best foundation I have used after the Armani Skin Fabric I told you about in a previous post.  It comes in a matte and a dewy formula. I really wish I got the matte formula.  I could seriously round house kick that girlie who convinced me into getting the ‘dewy’ more ‘youthful’ finish. Hmmm…nothing fucking youthful about dewy finish make up in 40 degree Western Australian weather missy!  Other than that, it goes on like melted butter. You have to use your hands cause it has clay in it, so you have to warm it in your palm for a bit. Ask the girls to give you a little tester and I swear, you will love it. My colour is called ‘Barcelona’. It’s probably why I bought it actually because I love Spain. I chose my car colour ’cause it was called ‘Madrid Black’ ha ha! I don’t even have any Spanish in me! Although I have had…

Moving on!



This is called ‘Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish‘ – what more convincing do you need exactly?  I love REN bath products, I aways have.  It’s just so damn luscious.  I cop mine from Mecca Cosmetica here in Aus,  in the UK you can get it from Space Nk and nearly all of the department stores. In South Africa they sell it in Woolworths  … God SA, we have come a long way hey? In America…hmm, probably Sephora? Look I dunno alright! Google that shit, I’m not your one stop shop for links.  Geez.



Blah blah blah…only buy expensive shampoo yadda yadda yadda.  OK. Salon products are amazing, I agree. But so are their damn prices! The best supermarket shampoo I have used EVER is this TRESemme stuff. It’s a French word for Pete’s sake, it must be good!  In all serious though, I have found that my hair has been most manageable after using this stuff. It’s about $10 for a humongous bottle and while it’s not ideal, it certainly does the trick, well for me anyway.



And from one French powerhouse to another, oh la la CHANEL mademoiselle? I hardly ever cop nail varnish ’cause as most of you know, I get my nailzz did on the regular, I don’t however, have regular pedicures so I paint my own tootsies, and usually with something by Revlon. But my God I could not resist this colour! The colour is called Nouvelle Vague and it is gaaaaawwwjuuusss! I got me a little tan over the summer, and this looks so cute on my toes. My toenails look like itty bitty mini swimming pools down there.  Oh hey guys!

And thats a wrap on my little beauty 4 1 1.  You can read my other one’s here, here and here.

Any suggestions or wanna share what you’re using?  I am looking everywhere for a decent concealer and face primer, what do you suggest?  Be honest. ‘Cause the dark circles on my eyes put fucking Penny the Panda to shame.

Love ya x


  1. éclat lumière by chanel is amazing for dark circles, it costs more than my foundation but is so worth it. and model co face base is pretty good too

  2. Chanel is the shit. (Imagine if Coco heard us calling Chanel 'the shit')

  3. I'm also a NARS Sheer Glow lover… a lil' sneakysneaky tip, you can buy it on this website for less than half of what you pay for it in Mecca 😉 Hooray!

  4. zing! You little legend. LOL at the lingerie on that site! haha so random!

  5. benefit "erase paste" concealer makes you look as if you slept last night 😉 I'm pretty sure you'd like it, because we do have some other favourites in common!

  6. Imma try it! Thanks Lil x Hows Germany? I am in Europe this July

  7. The best primer I have ever come across is Elizabeth Arden's Good Morning Serum. Ask for a sample at Myers. It's exxy, but lasts absolutely forever.

  8. God I love Lizzy Arden it's so $$ though, but it makes your skin feel like velvet

  9. May I start by saying… Content Warning?!? WTF! Really?! Really?!? Eiiiiish… anyway…

    I love these posts Tam… and for what it's worth (probably not a whole bunch…), here's my 5 cents.

    MAC Fluidline… LOVE the stuff… but noticed rather quickly that it's consistency changed and it just wasn't as smooth as it used to be (as with so much in life…) – anyway… after a load of research, this apparently has summink to do with the packaging… so have since moved over to Clinique Gel Liner in True Black… and have never looked back since. Now their face products you wouldn't get me touching with a barge pole, because apparently they have the PH Level of a toilet cleaner… but their make up is apparently okay… apparently… the gel liner, in my humble o, is off the heezy…

    RE the brush cleaners situ… I have the MAC stuff, for spot cleaning (i.e. I want to use the same brush for two different shadows, in the same sitting, for example), but I give my brushes the once over with some Johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo once a week… a nice deep clean… and that seems to do the trick. And it's crazy CHEAP, in comparison!

    Best concealer I've tried to take is Make Up Forever's (MUFE) Full Coverage Camouflage… for my skin it's the shiz… no idea how it'd fair in the Australian sun, however…

    And lastly… if you're going to get on the YouTube tutorials (which I am already totally hooked to, btw), get some Pixiwoo in your life… I LOVE them… two fantastic sisters… one of which is particularly artistic with her application but both of them are absolutely amaze and I have learnt A LOT.

    And that… is it… you may stop yawning now 😛

    Love this blog… keeps me smiling!



  10. Haha! Start a blog Jo x

  11. I am with Lily Panic, erase paste lasts forever and stays on well through the evening which is great. A little goes a long way. The best thing to happen to my raccoon eyes for sure!

    Also, the best friend to my fluidline has become Urban Decay's liquid liner. Holy shit, this stuff has lasted days, as gross as it sounds, it happens and pat some of this stuff over top my fluidline and its on!

  12. I just copped that erase paste and it is the bizznizz!!!

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