Beauty Cupboard Part 2 – For the thrifty

So the last beauty post I did actually ended up becoming some kind of Bible to some of you guys.  I had soooo much feedback which is great because now I know you all actually take heed of the shit I say but at the same time kinda freaks me out ’cause now you are all jacking my swagger!  I kid…jack all you want, it’s pretty fly.

Some of the response was that some of you liked the post, but requested I do another with some of the less pricier stuff I use.  To be honest owlies, I do my scrimping on clothes…like buying 2nd hand/Ebay etc, and I flash the cash on the beauty.  ‘Cause really, this stuff is an investment, however, there are some increddy products out there that won’t rape your bank account, and they be …


Revlon Top Coat.  Right, you know I’m attached to my acrylics like shit to a shoe. I enjoy them because I like having nice hands and I love nail varnish, but I HATE chipped varnish…there ain’t no ‘grunge chic’ Ashley Olsen type shit happening up in here!  Varnish hardly ever chips when you have acrylics, it just adheres itself way better than to your OG’s.  But it does go dull every few days, which is why I lacquer up my claws with this baby.  It’s great for keeping your nails shiny and it dries super fast.  I’ve been known to shine up my talons at the traffic lights from time to time…for example.  HEY! Who the fuck are you? Constable traffic man? This is the greatest top coat I’ve ever tried and it’s great even if you don’t have fake nails.  Plus its only like 6 dolla.



OK, cheap make up brushes are just plain wack.  Reason being, the bristles come out when you’re using them and they end up all over your face and you look like you have whiskers.  That shit is harder to get off than jizz!  But have you seen the price of MAC or Bobbi Brown brushes?  Fuck me, it’s like they used the fur off a mink foetus or something to make them bristles.  The Body Shop have saved the day as far as make up brushes are concerned.  From around $18 for a big ass mamma and a tenner for a smaller brush, these are lush.  So soft and it ain’t coming out all over your face.  They always get recognition on the reg in InStyle and Vogue and stuff.  Just remember to keep them clean, I have stood next to many a homegirl in the bathrooms of a club and her powder brush looks like it had been rammed up someones ass before she powdered her nose.

Unfortch ladies, you have to pay top $$ on perfume in order to make sure you don’t smell like a $2 ho bag.  Those celeb fragrances are all good and well except they are almost ALL by Coty and contain the same amount of sugary rose water inside a catalogue bottle…and really?  They all smell the same, lets be honest here.  Except can I tell you a secret?  I fucking LOVE Live by JLO. OK…moving swiftly along…these MAC fragrances are pretty reasonable at 30 bucks a pop and they smell well lush.

Did you know that Oil of Olay is still the number one selling skincare in the UK?  I have a friend who is a big wig for L’Oreal Europe and she said they have a hard time topping this age old favourite.  (she also told me that there is virtually zero difference between Lancome and L’Oreal products…seeing as the latter actually owns the former sssshhhhh)  Anyway, Olay has been around since 19GodKnows and is yet to be knocked off the top spot.  I still use their moisturiser and it really is quite lovely.  It absorbs quickly and is great under foundation.  Plus it comes with an SPF 15 which is great, because I get freckles, and I end up looking like someone threw milo at my face if the sun gets me.

The one thing I never, ever scrimp on is foundation.  Reason being, I hate orange faces or having that feeling of having a layer of something on my face.  But once I used this at a friends house and it was actually surprisingly good.  Rimmel Skinpure Complex was actually quite lightweight and it didn’t melt off my face after 2 hours…like some other cheapo crap on the market.  Also, the same day I totally hugged some dude who was wearing a white shirt and half my face was not left on his shoulder. Result!


Bloom Lip Gloss smells amazoid.  It’s also not as sticky as other more inexpensive brands.  Fuck, whom I kidding?  Even top dollar brands make all your hair stick to your lips…the joys of having kissable smackers hey?  Bloom seems to be creamier rather than glossier.  I’m not sure what kinda hair style that broad on the tube is s’posed to be rocking but hey, whatevs, it’s a good staple to have in your make up bag.  Speaking of make up bags, could you keep that clean as well?  I’ve seen some shockers hey.



Hands up who else hearts Johnsons???  Baby products are so gorgeous. The smell, the texture, the PRICE!  This shit is mad cheap and it is super duper kind to your skin.  Johnsons baby lotion is something I use on the reg.  It’s just so fresh smelling and non greasy.  Plus its like 5 bucks.  And don’t stop at the lotion…hit up the talcum powder and  baby oil too!  Baby baby baby!!! for when you travel.  It’s about $6 from good pharmacies.  It is basically Evian water in an aerosol can and it is the effing BOMB when you are on those moisture zapping aeroplanes.  I spray the air around me and my face every hour or so when I’m flying.  You can also give your face a light spray after applying make up and it makes your slap set.  It is also quite wonderful during summer…but mabes a little decadent.  I always have a can of this H2O on my bathroom shelf and/or travel bag.



Those products that hairdressers try to flog you really are amazing…I’m not gonna lie.  But they are off the richter regarding price.  Except the prob with supermarket shamps and conditioners, is that it contains more detergents than it’s pricier mates, so if you colour your hair it will strip the colour after only a few washes.  I have to say though, I have always found that Garnier Fructis has been kinder to my tresses than other brands and it is the one I always seem to go for when my budget isn’t streching to those salon products.  It also smells the sex.



I got hold of this Sugar Tropic Tan Bronzer purely by accident.  And I haven’t been able to find it since.  Ladies (and some gentleman)… this is the best dang bronzer I have ever used.  I’m using Estee Lauder at the minute, and I’ve tried MAC, Bobbi Brown, Guerlain etc etc and this little cheap slut still kicks their ass!  It might not be great if you are a bit fairer, but if you are slightly olive or have a tan…then this is the business.  If you ever see it, buy it for me, I’ll give you the cash when I see you.

Well there you go.  This is what I’ve used or currently use everyone.  I ain’t no expert but think of me like a mate or older sister that has done the leg work as far as this stuff goes.  I’m telling ya, it’s a beauty jungle out there.

Kisses xxxo

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  1. I have the overwhelming urge to go to Priceline suddenly.

  2. Haha, I'll go with. Lets see how much we can swipe without paying.

  3. Love this post!! Im always moaning about how expensive it is to be a girl!!!

  4. We don't wake up looking like this x

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