It’s the skin edition! So for a while there I was a bit skint and I was using something I got at Woolies for a fiver to wash my skin.  Eurgh. I don’t even really want to talk about it in front of my pores because I’m sure they don’t want old memories of them being violated to come rushing back. Anyway, when my bank balance starting looking a bit healthier, so did my skin.  I hit up Mecca Cosmetica (Space.NK  in the UK) and I went for this bottle of love from Philosophy.   I’ve used it before and it was amazing and I don’t really know what I didn’t continue the habit.   It’s not even thaaaaat expensive really at $54…considering its like giving yourself a mini microdermabrasion every single day and it makes your complexion look as though you’ve born again. It really is quite wonderful and I have seen a VAST improvement in my mug.  It’s also helped that I have drank gallons of water everyday. Girl I’m telling you, it’s all about the H 2 the O.


THIS guy is a bit lovely.  Do you use primer? Yeah neither did I until about 5 months ago. I used to use that Benefit Dr FeelGood shit but NO MORE!  Not until I met this guy by a brand called MURAD.  Not only does it smooth your face, it is also slightly tinted so you can wear it on it’s own when you aren’t in the mood to get all the slap out. Like I wore it on it’s own for Sunday brunch the other week.  Although I did end up getting served by the waiter I kinda have a crush on so I do kinda wish I went the whole hog BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE POINT.



I don’t reckon I’ve ever bought the same brand of foundation twice in a row hey. I think it’s because I always go somewhere new to stock up and then I bump into a sales assistant who is obviously trying to hustle a certain brand and seeing as I am a sucker for this shit, I end up being swayed.  Well. I’m glad Chris from Mecca swayed me because I love this Bobby Brown stuff.  It does what it says on the can ‘Natural Finish’ check. ‘Long Lasting’ check. Mabes a bit light for my liking but you can put it on as thick or as light as you want.  It’s cool, I like it and will probably be great for summer.  Although I’ll probs be pimping another guy in a month but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of Bobby.




White eyeliner is THE SHIT. Seriously. Especially after a big night. It totally whitens and brightens and makes your peepers look less like black sunken swamps in your hungover sockets.   Any brand will do really, but what I like about this Mr Frosty from Benefit is that you can also kind of use it as a highlighter on your brow bone and smudge it in the corner of your eye as well. If you have small eyes this is the product for you! And if you have huge OWL like eyes like me, then this will actually almost make you look anime. I ain’t even kidding yo!




Ya’ll heard of AESOP?   It’s from right here in Melbourne but it has become a cult favorite worldwide. I think. I dunno if it has actually BUT IT SHOULD BE.  I am addicted to hand creams….mainly ’cause I’m getting old (er) and the hands are the tell tale signs to an old bird. So I keep my mani fresh and my hands smooth as fuck. Aesop is pricey for sure but sooooo worth it hey. There is notable difference when you use this stuff, and I know EVERYONE says that there is notable difference after most things but would I lie to you?  Well I might do, but not about hand cream.  The little screw top cap thing is a bit annoying though, I won’t lie. Like when you’ve squeezed some out and you have cream on your hand then you have to hold it weird and put the lid back on then you drop it etc etc, but hey it looks cool and I get it. I am so down with AESOP!




Let’s talk huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr. My friend Asha the hairdresser is probably rolling her eyes as she reads this (I see you bitch!) but she did my hair a few weeks ago and was all like, ‘Honey! What the Hell are using on your hair!?’ And I was using some shit stuff, I’ll admit it. It’s when I was tryna save so suck me.  I was also hating my hair at the time and I thought it’s because I was in really bad mood and that effected your hormones and therefore you hair YEAH YEAH YEAH I KNOW. It’s because my shampoo was shit. So I copped this stuff by Organix.   Oh sweet Jesus of hair.  My hair went under a makeover with just one wash. Soft and manageable and Brazilian smelling. Lush. Plus this stuff has keratin proteins in it so it kind of trains your hair to stay the way you style it. Like I have a fringe for instance, and it would look amazing when I went to bed and when I woke up….not so much. NOW I wake up and its still exactly where I left it, straight and behaving itself. What a novelty hey? I am never straying from good shit again!

How let the GIOGO girls tell you about their tresses…laterz!

GIOGO Hair Show from GIOGO Girls on Vimeo.

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  1. MOROCCON OIL?! OUT?! REALLY? Argh I die.
    Those girls are all sorts of amaze though.
    Wasn’t one of them on Paris Hilton’s tv show though?

  2. AESOPs is amazing… the hand balm is the greatest thing for hardworking hands ever. Way to go, Melbourne!

  3. I am pretty sure everything Philosophy makes is pure gold. You’re absolutely right that great products can transform your skin and hair.

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