Beauty Cupboard – Part 8

Here we have it folks, the new things I love to use and then convince myself that they were worth every penny via the medium of the interwebz.



BARRY M  is no secret to our UK buddies who can cop this fantastic brand all over the place in their cold ass country.  They srsly do errrthang and do it well.  I would buy this stuff over MAC any day if I had the convenience of it just down the road or something.  Anyway, I only own a couple of make up brushes and some nail varnish.  It’s weird for me to own nail varnish actually because I always get my acrylics done every 2 weeks on the dot and I’m not one of them people who take in their own polish…ya know?  I bought some on my last trip to the UK because I wanted blue toe nails to match my blue mood.  Then the other day the nail lady effed up my nails so big time and I couldn’t be arsed to go back and get her to do it again so I painted my girls blue.   See…



I love me some BARRY M.   Give their lippy’s a go as well, they have more colours than South Africa.




Meet my new boyfriend. *pause*  OK so as I’ve gotten older my hair has gotten finer and my bathroom floor now has a luxurious mane, therefore I have been forced to leave my hair au natural which is curly.  Curls = body and Lord knows I need it.  So, I was inspired by Rihanna (yes really) and thought I’d curl my curls!  CRAZY.  Not really.  Any hoooo I went to PRICE LINE  to get me some tongs.  BOY WHAT A VARIETY! I ended up choosing this guy because it’s tapered at the end and it gives your curl bounce at the root and makes the end a bit tighter.  I am so glad I did this because it just kinda adds a little more POW! (yes pow) to my hair and gives them more definition. HAHA I sound like a wanker.  Well….so is your mum.  I am all about BABYLISS I gots the hair dryer and the electric rollers.  This thing was only $70 and goes right up to a heat setting of 25 degrees!  Plus it’s ceramic coated and when it’s not hot you can…yep.  Also, look how the little buttons make a face kinda haha!  OK so after you’ve curled your hurrr…




Toss your hair forward and spray liberally with L’OREAL ELNETT HAIRSPRAY.  This is cult hairspray and is used backstage at all the shows darling.  It has been on the circuit for yonks and I kinda want to get the woman on the can tattooed hmmmm…dun steal my idea!  The can is huge and will last forevs and is only 10 dolla and the best bit is, is that it is non sticky.  HOO RAH.



Apologies to LIME CRIME because they asked me ages ago which lipstick I wanted so I could talk it up for all ya’ll.   Now I’m not one for blogging shit just because I got something for free but if I like it then I shall and I have been banging on about Lime Crime since 2009.  So I asked the lovely PR lady for MY BEAUTIFUL ROCKET  because I have wanted a really orange lipstick for a while now.  OK I’m lying.  I wanted it because M.I.A wore it in this video…


Here is a rather professional photograph of me sporting it…



I luuurve the colour.  It’s a nice summery change from red and it goes on easily…but to take off not so much.  It left a bit of a orange stain but I worked it by putting some Vaseline over the top and it gave a nice subtle day time hue.  Um hello magazines, aren’t I just a natural at being a beauty editor?  Gimme.



So if you look at the photo of me above and squint you will see no lines around my eyes.  Stop squinting and WHOAH.  OK slight exaggeration but times a ticking and shit is getting realz so I invested a whopping $18.95 and get a free NW magazine on this ‘life changing’ caffeine enriched roll on formula for the eyes by GARNIER.   I GUESS it’s working…I can’t really tell.  I’ll let you know in 30 years.



Perfume time!  MAYBE BABY by BENEFIT is my mother fucking jam.  Well it was, because I lost it. Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!!  God and it’s my ‘date scent’ it’s so playful and provocative.  I’m not one to share my perfume secrets but this one is cool because it’s a special occasion thing not my ‘signature scent’  HAHA imagine your signature scent was by J-LO ! HAAAAAAAHAHA! I’m not impressed I lost this because it was virtually brand new and now it’s gwaaaan :(  Whomever has it, spray it behind your ears, knee caps, in the crease of your arm and a light dust in the hair and then get naked.  And then give it back.


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