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Whenever I find myself in the situation where we are ordering cocktails I usually go for the same thing: an Amaretto Sour. A blend of almond liqueur (Amaretto), bourbon, sugar syrup and beaten egg white that is shaken not stirred before being poured over ice and finished with a plump juicy cherry. ‘Order something else!’, a friend will say. But I shan’t because I enjoy it and also, I have been on the hunt for the perfect sour and one will never know where to find it if one does not whore oneself around cocktail town. Besides, I know where I won’t be going back and it will be the place where they forgot my bloody cherry.

Similarly, I have taken the same approach in searching for the perfect hairdresser. This was a new venture for me because up until 2 years ago I had the same haircut and colour my entire life (dark brown, fringe) until I went through some inner turmoil and decided that I wanted to look like a completely different person. Bleach helps. And you can either drink it or put it on your head. I went for the latter because I still wanted to live, I just wanted to live as someone different. A ton of bleach and a pile of red pigment did just the trick and ta daaaaa! Jessica Rabbit, eat your heart out. I rocked the hell out of this do for 24 months before I was forced to go back to my roots.

The last hairdresser I went to completely (please excuse me) fucked my hair by overlapping the bleach causing it to gradually snap like tempered chocolate thus leaving me with what kind of looked like an ‘edgy’ cut when blow dried straight but resembled a crackhead when left to my natural curl. Funny though, this particular hair salon (whom I won’t mention) wasn’t cheap but the hairdresser did enjoy her own reflection in the mirror for 73% of the time rather than paying any attention to stripping my scalp. Not one to cry over spilled ammonia, I decided to take my patronage elsewhere and found myself in the pinky hued, Japanese concept hair salon MAISON TSUMIKI. The cost of a blow dry for my 3 hairs that hadn’t snapped off was a little more expenno that my usual joints but I found myself making a booking with their art director, Chris Geracitano because you know when you just get a vibe that you’re amongst something dope? Yeah, I got that vibe.

From the moment of booking the appointment, to entering the beautiful space that is cooler than cool, to having your hair washed and treated as though it is a new born baby, to the manners of the staff and of course, the finished result – you are left with none of that anxiety of uncertainty an average hair salon experience often leaves you with! (and you know what I’m talking about). You know what makes anyone good at their job? The care factor. I have gone to Maison Tsumiki a few times since Chris turned my hair around and each time we just pick up where we left off both hair and conversation wise. I am well on my way to hair recovery now and have spent less money by actually sucking it up and paying that little bit extra a few times instead of little silly amounts often and then some more to get fixed whatever genius has buggered it up before.

If, like me, you are a big believer in getting something done right the first time then I highly suggest you make your way to this hair wonderland. And if you don’t live in Melbourne? Sucked in! (#justkidding)  My advice to you would be to use your intuition. How do they treat you when you enquire about an appointment? How well do they listen? Do they let you talk or do they finish your sentences for you and talk over you? How ‘into’ themselves do they come across? As in, do they talk more about you or themselves? You’re a paying customer! They’re not doing you a favour and yet, does it feel as though they are? Suss the situation but at the same time, don’t be one of those annoying clients that doesn’t know what they want therefore a real pain in the hairy ass.

The ideal is getting someone who can just look at you and as though they are able to read your mind, tell you exactly what you should go for. You should feel as though you are in the hands of a professional which enables you to relax both in the chair and at the cash register at the end. Getting your money’s worth is definitely the cherry in your sour.




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