Boy Meets Perth

Do any of you born in the eighties remember ‘Boy Meets World’? About Cory Matthews? His teacher lived next door? He had a hot girlfriend named Topanga? She got really fat when they went to college? More importantly, his hot friend Shawn Hunter who used to come over all the time? (the one in the yellow shirt above) hmm, OK it hasn’t aged well, but he was smokin when I was 15 years old. I think he was homeless some shit, or at least lived in a trailer… ANYWAY, last night I went to a bar after an art exhibition with some mates and I totally saw the hot friend! I was like…um…I’m pretty sure that’s the ‘Boy Meets World’ dude. There were many non believers in my alleged group of ‘friends’. Even after one of us went up to him with his photo on an iPhone and asked him and he confirmed that it was in fact, himself, I was being laughed at. I swore it was him hey…OK he is no longer 16 and he has a bit of a forehead situation but here’s a little taster of what we’re dealing with these days…

Yeah, he ain’t looking to bad innit?
I jumped on Google this morning to get to the bottom of this shit, because even I was doubting. MAINLY because I couldn’t understand why old mate would be in Australia, let alone fucking Perth.
And what do you know? Ryder Strong (thats his real name…pretty sure he did the ‘ol name of first pet and house street thing and uses it for real hey) is in a play called ‘The Graduate’ with ex Mrs Mick Jagger aka Jerry Hall, at His Majesty’s theatre from August 26Th. Now it all makes sense.
I had no idea this dude did anything after ‘Boy Meets World’. Why would he? That show was the shizz.
Moral of the story? Do not underestimate my celebrity spotting/stalking skills you wankers.

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  1. Topanga! Ha, I loved that show.

    She hosts some clip show now on the Style network.

  2. Thank you! Topanga was a bit of a babe (I corrected the spelling, thanks for that) – on the style network??

    I thought only the Olsen twins survived did anything with their children of 90's sitcome fame! Go figure.

  3. WOW that is AWESOME…i suffer from a little celebrity-itis myself and usually get over the moon about celebs i know that others dont, coz i think im the shiznit also that im proud of my super alternative taste and recognsation skills…but i digress…1. thats totally friggin awesome, 2. ryder strong is the best name, 3. i woulda been there to get super excited with you, i know the pain you feel when nobody believes you and your damn as hell right, its like screaming in a sound proof room…..

    who was the culprit you didnt believe you??? was it ben???

  4. I would have totally wigged if I had seen him at the bar. Way to go spotting him. :)

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