Every so often I get the tram into the city because parking is a bitch and it is just the easier option. I only live about a 10 minute ride away so it’s hardly the end of the world. The other morning I was getting my shit together to start my mission and it seems I have misplaced my earphones. It dampened my mood a little because I really, really fancied listening to Craig David whilst on my journey. I wondered if I could manage the walk to the tram stop, the tram journey and the short walk to my destination in the city with nothing but my own thoughts for company. Listen, of course I can, but I spend a lot of time with my own thoughts. More than most do and more than is probably good for me. I relish any opportunity for a break from the bastards. The distractions that do the job best (for me anyway) are sex, food and music. The best ‘no strings’ option out of this trio goes without saying. But with no earphones there can be no music.  I was gonna have to grin and bear it. It dawned on me a while ago that when you decide to look around and you know, notice stuff, you will find there are distractions all around to take you away from yourself. For instance, the particular tram I frequent is the multi cultural 109. Public transport is one of the few places on this earth where you are able to get a glimpse into the lives of people you normally wouldn’t see in other circumstances. The place you work, the bars you attend, your favourite place to eat, even where you live…you are pretty much going to be surrounded by people who look a little like you and are interested in what you are interested in. Birds of a feather and all that. But where else are you going to sit next to a Vietnamese lady in her forties dripping in gold and cubic zirconia who initiates conversation in order to show you all her shopping? ’20 dorra jacket…cheap cheap!’ – it was actually really nice, couldn’t believe she only paid 20 bucks. The 109 tram is also the proud sponsors of transporting junkies from Abbotsford to the city which means your journey/life perspective could take a turn for the better. Last Tuesday, for instance, I gave a very earnest looking one $2 and she thanked me by giving me a full rendition of ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera. I was truly moved. I also allowed the gentlemen listening to Spanish music who sold me some strawberries to undress me with his eyes because he had a chin dimple that I found to be quite alluring. I guess the moral of the story is to sometimes leave your earphones behind, stay off your phone and for once in your life pay attention to the world that exists outside of your bubble. That fucking bubble is desensitising you and causing you to become insular. The day would have gone exactly the same if I had listened to Craig David, except this time, I was forced to take notice and tune in to the world we live in. *bought some new earphones FYI

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