I remember the night I met Shaheer, right down to what I was wearing: black hipster jeans, a cropped black and white stripe halter neck and black boots. My hair was waist length and parted in the middle, my make up was piled on with a shovel and I [...]

2014-05-29 // 10 Comments

All talk and No action

One of the strangest things about being a person from another country is overcoming that niggly feeling of always feeling a little discontent and the only way you can really overcome it is to just accept that it is always going to be there, nagging [...]

2014-01-17 // 9 Comments

Do not force the story.

  This one time, I chased this guy like he was the mother fucking Rolling Stones and it all blew up in my overzealous little face. Years ago, I left my birth place of Cape Town in a blaze of glory. Goodbye fuckers! I am outta here. See ya! [...]

2013-12-26 // 12 Comments


Ehrm, yeah so when I was 13 back in 1992, me and my girlfriends (non lezza) formed a group called ‘New Babes on the Block’ (original) and we used to mime to this song by 2 Unlimited. Oh God. We had it on a cassette tape on a little boom [...]

2010-11-01 // 6 Comments