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So at 28 years of age I finally acquired my driving license. Don’t snigger… I spent the better half of my twenties in London…and driving over there was just a decadence that I could not afford.

So anyway, with a license comes some wheels. So I treated myself to a brand new Nissan City Micra. Nissan do them in 15 splendid colours all named after a particular city. I chose Madrid Black. Ain’t she cute? Small and curvy…a bit like me.

Dontcha think it kinda looks like a London cab? So I’ve kinda driven one all along anyway! Kinda. As she resembles the famous car from the Big Smoke, I’ve naturally named her Queen Lizzy.

And If driving a black cab is good enough for Mossy…well then…you know the rest.
I have my nails done every two weeks like clockwork. So, inspired by my new ebony wheels I had them done like so…

I go to this Chinese Goddess named Nikki. She works from home and after having my nails done for 6 years, I can honestly say that she is the BEST. If you are a Perth lady, get your ass down there and ‘ave her paint your talons. Here are her deets: Nikki from FUSION NAILS, Tel: 0431 600 373 – 5 ST LOUIS AVE, HOCKING – WA

Beep beep xx

4 Comments on Check out my ride …

  1. Oh, your car is precious.
    Mine is a '92 toyota pick up. His name is Razz (short for Razzmatazz-name of a crayola crayon).
    And your nails are mesmerizing. Is that normal?


  2. i have a nissan micra too :) mine is 'paris blue'. sweeeeet

  3. I'm officially jealous. That was my first choice and they didn't have any! :( xx

  4. I wanted the black one initially haha! I'm now glad I got the blue, but the black is very chic!

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