CHICK STUFF – November Favourites

tumblr_nfcwy1gyFe1r5abjyo1_500It’s back! A run down of my latest beauty and grooming hauls. #sorrynotsorry for not keeping these coming but I have been busy! Also, I hate doing things for the sake of doing so and I figure it shows when one does so here are some beauty suggestions that come from the heart. Or at least from my bathroom shelf.




I can’t believe I did it. I entered the realm of anti ageing. To be honest, at 33 I have only the faintest of frown lines and a sometimes lack lustre glow which is usually down to not knocking back enough H2O so I’m not really that much in need of this. However, I’m going with the prevention is better than cure motto and I decided to get on the bandwagon. I went in to buy a bronzer and I came out with this guy. Go figure. It promises a brighter and smoother complexion after just 2 weeks and I will say that I did notice a difference. You put the TINIEST amount under your moisturiser by softly tapping (not rubbing) into your skin. It’s not super expensive but it ain’t super cheap either, so a little goes a long way. I have a bone to pick with this ‘youth activating’ garb though because while I might look ‘fresher’, it also gave me a couple of zits. So while I am happy to look younger, I was aiming for 26 NOT 16. I think I was using too much though to be fair.




For those who have followed this blog for a while you will know that I sported acrylics for years. It was fun while it lasted but srsly, how much longer can one keep it up? As my style has evolved to more of the low key variety, I enjoy short nails in one bold colour. I also like products that are a little more conscious so the fact that this brand is Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor free (yes I looked up all the spelling) and still looks modern and fly, it is a winner with me. Not to mention that it is chip resistant and high shine! Two wonderful components in nail varnish. It was also formulated by a bunch of girls FOR girls instead of a bunch of old men around a board room table deciding what women want. Again, major plus. I opted for this egg yolk yellow colour because I have high hopes for a dope tan this summer. HIGH HOPES I tells ya!




Every woman has that one thing that really fries their bacon. Mine is under eye issues. I have more bags than a bag lady and no matter how much sleep I get or water I drink or low sodium diets I adopt, the suckers are there. I notice that my grandmother had them whose looks I have happened to inherit so I guess I will have to move into the phase of acceptance and just embrace the gift of concealer. I’ve tried many and I have to say, this Bobby Brown number is the one. It comes with a cream on one side and a setting powder on the other. Besides the fact it runs out pretty quickly, I have never looked back from this purchase. That little powder is the cherry on the cake and has turned my bags from a tote to a LV clutch.




One of my favourite things about luxury make up is that it enables the average Joe such as myself to have labels such as DIOR in my wardrobe. ‘What are you wearing?!’ ‘Dior’, I can reply. And I’m not lying! I wear Christian Dior every single day, darling. And I have never looked better! If your eyelashes are like mine (short and stumpy) then this will turn your Lena Dunham lashes into Kendell Jenner. Best 50 bucks I ever spent.



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