Chris Hemingway – Event Organising Machine

OK, so it’s no secret I’m planning an epic party on Feb 27th to raise funds for Haiti and to get a bunch of amazoid peeps together. There are many fingers in this feathery pie so in the run up to the event I will be introducing you to them one at a time, and who better to start with but the brains behind operation.
This would not be possible if it weren’t for the help and mastermind of my very dear friend Chris Hemingway. If there were a country called ‘PARTY’ then Hemingway would be the prime minister. Nobody can pull a bash together like this fine specimen of a male. Get excited because Hemingway is presenting the knee’s up of the summer in my opinion. He does an owl proud.
The Hemingway vision for a dope party is … a banging dance floor is all you need really, everything else is a bonus … I guess growing up in the Hills, always building new cubbies as a kid, (in order to commit all that was mischievous at the time) was the substitute for being locked in a room playing computer games and that’s why I always feel the need to get busy when it comes to entertaining … you can put some drinks in eskies and turn up the stereo or you can build a new arena in the backyard every time in order to keep things … stimulating (if truth be told though, I ummm… I really like to party)

My worst party experience is … We have all been to shit parties .. in fact usually more often than not, you get to a party and after complaining about the music and stealing a couple of drinks out of the fridge (because they didn’t supply any) you look at each other and decide you’ll have more fun back at home in the sacred comfort that is the “chill” … this happens alot …. As for best party … we tend to better ourselves all the time with parties .. there was the jungle room at the manor last year that was kinda neat but I ‘d have to say my 9th bday party in the aeroplane at Midland Macca’s with that trademark ice cream cake wins.

My 5 dream party guests are …
“Hall and Oats” … even a five minute drop in would be satisfactory
Joseph Goebbels (and an entire book on “gammy legs” in my back pocket)
Mr Squiggle surrounded by his set in one corner of the party (wow)
“Is Tropical” … at least one fresh act is essential here … I’ll say these kids from London could supply something thrilling enough right now
Michael Richards in character as the real “Cosmo” (predictable but imagine)

My favourite shirt is … You could have guessed this one Tam, can’t go past my “tropical bird’s of paradise” t-shirt … can you wear one t-shirt too much … no .. no you can’t.

I love to snack on a … Bacon deluxe! … What?

The best track for an epic dance off is … ‘The Golden Years’ – David Bowie

At the Owl Party we can expect … Think PDiddy is having a bday party except not only is he a rapper but he once ruled over Russia … so you enter through a dark smokey forest tunnel that leads to “the land of the owl” .. beer and wine to your right … Caribbean food delights to your left … ahead – a dance floor many of you are already familiar with, complimented by some of Perth’s most exciting new DJ’s … plus much more… including heaps of prizes to give away supplied by local sponsors won off the one and only “owl wheel”

The Hemingway 5 year plan is to … Eat more, listen more, dance more, get more

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