I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelly


Remember how last summer we were all obsessed with Jelly Shoes? I used to hit the Jellybeans site all the time and refresh to see if they had my size in the colour I wanted. It was hard because they were in a perpetual state of being sold out. Man, I wanted those shoes so badly in white because they were pulling on my nostalgia strings. I used to shop this little store called Quadrophenia when I was a pubescent in the 90s for these babies all the time.

And then what happened? Cotton On. That’s what. Words can not explain how much I abhor that chain store even though I am wearing a pair of slippers from Cotton On Body right now. Hypocrisy aside, the fact of the matter is that I don’t like bullies which is what these mass producers are. They take what is made popular by small brands and then they make millions of them for a cheaper price in an inferior quality and pull the rug out from the those that are trying to make a living on their own instead of bending over for the man.

I had wondered what Jellybeans game plan was gonna be when I saw all these jelly clad feet all over the place that were not Jellybeans and then this happened…


Raincoats! Jellybeans launched their Jelly Jacket yesterday and the universe responded by opening the skies and literally making it rain. It was Melbourne’s way of saying, ‘Welcome!’. I really like this idea, especially the piping around the edges…it almost makes it look as though the jacket is invisible. It comes in blue, black and white. I think I like the black one best…very chic.

Great idea Jellybeans! And 10 points for timing!

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  1. I hate Typo, which is part of Cotton On. Typo is disgusting, I get angry when I go in there because it is so ugly and also because I know the rip off independent designers. But then they also steal stuff from mainstream – I saw a kikki.K rip off in there the other day and it filled me with a blind rage.

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