… peeps don’t take that layer of plastic off the display screens on dvd and music players? Or worse, when they start to take it off then decide not to and put it back, so it has a bunch of air bubbles underneath it? Like FUCK, what are they trying to do to me? I have to pull it off, I just have to.
… when someone says ‘oh yeah, the closest ATM/MacDonald’s/train station is LITERALLY across the street from my house? Um…unless your house is around the corner and you have to walk for 10 minutes, then yes…yes it is across the street. If you say ‘across the street’ I expect to look out of your living room window and see the mother fucker.
… bank people that look at your statement and give a little frown or smirk. Oi lady, you wanna take this outside of your little cubicle?
… someone says, ‘oh, you know who you remind me of?’ and then mention some name ya never heard of so you google the person…kinda see what they mean…and then look for the nearest sharpest object, put it on the floor, and hope you fall over at some point and land on it.
… you are ‘avin a lil dance and some bitch who thinks she is like soooo totally mega cute is tryna show off all her MTV dance moves and tries to have a dance off whilst looking at you with those stupid dance faces? I never know what to do other than hold back the urge to kick her in her silly Fred Astaire legs.
… some dickhead throws in a name drop during a convo, even though they know perfectly well you have no idea who the fuck they are talking about, but they just want you to feel like you are some how inferior to them for not knowing who it is? Hey wanker, get your head outta yo ass…it ain’t a good look.
Screw the wankers! x

6 Comments on DON’T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN… (5)

  1. haha I can totally relate to all of those except the first…I leave the layer of plastic on because i always scratch the crap out of display screens *hides head in shame*

  2. But the plastic looks worse than scratches! DON'T be that person! x

  3. my brother always keeps the plastic on the screens, drives me mental!

  4. I'm never able to leave the plastic layer on, it drives me insane when I know its there. It's like..if I leave it on.. I don't really own it.

  5. Screw the wankers!

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