… the dude you’ve been talking to starts talking to the girl you utterly can’t stand? Doesn’t he KNOW she is a mole?
… people who do nothing but watch Masterchef and stay at home criticize your efforts or hobbies? Yeah, they might be a better writer/DJ/dress better/musician/photographer than you, but we’ll never know because they sit on their ass all day. Don’t hate the playa’s lazy ass.
… you’re at a banging party, but you’re stuck with a girl who is crying in the bathroom? FFS! Could you please go have your emotional breakdown in the comfort of your own home, or at the top of a high rise building somewhere? I wanna dance and flirt with boys!
… you specifically ask for ‘no olives’ and the fuckwit throws them on your pizza like it’s some kinda Italian confetti? You wanna piece of me?
… Britney Spears has another meltdown? Bitch get it together please.
… you have a sneaky suspicion someone on twitter is being mildly sarcastic about you to someone else? You kinda have a hunch, but you can’t be sure, so you get a mixture of paranoia and annoyance about feeling paranoid? ‘I don’t wanna care but I do!!!’
… you catch yourself humming along to Justin Bieber?

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  1. Anonymous // 2010-05-14 at 11:20 AM // Reply

    the dude you've been talking to starts talking to the girl you utterly can't stand? Doesn't he KNOW she is a mole?

    Dealing with this currently. I might just take her out and do the world and my love life a huge favour.

  2. Thanks for the first one (the dude talking to the ugly mole) there, Tammy.


  3. aaah the twitter thing!!!
    yip… I'm always thinking .."is that directed at me?? " then I'm all like "not every things about you Tania"….. "no it's aimed at me"

    v v confusing!

    ha ha
    and LOVE the hoody

  4. totally!!
    Thanks girl xx

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