Happy 1st Birthday to the Owl!!

Yup, it’s a new dope banner you are eye balling my friends. My girl Motel 7 did a grand job here…it’s not that we didn’t like the old one, we just thought that seeing as it’s Owl’s first birthday we would treat her with a bit of a makeover. She’s summery with her little fruit hat, her Ltd Edition Air Max and Owl ice cream…fuck, I need to bring out an Owl ice cream! And check her threads designed by BUTCHDIVA.  Lady is steezing!

So goodbye old mate…you served me well…

Here’s to another great year!


7 Comments on Happy 1st Birthday to the Owl!!

  1. HB OO! It seems like only yesterday that I stumbled upon you, crying and gurgling and crawling around on the floor in a nappy. Oh hang on – it was only yesterday. That's why I don't drink during the week! Hallmark Cards here I come. Looking forward to another year of obscenity and obnoxiousness.

  2. haha, thank you for hopping on the ride sugar x

  3. Happy bday bitch! LOVEEEE the new banner, love the blog and love ur shameless vagina talk. hip hip hoorayyyy

  4. To shameless vaginas! *clink*

    Thanks CC, means alot xx

  5. Congrats on the blog makeover! It looks awesome! Just like you :)

  6. That is such a lovely thing to say! I want to visit Norway x

  7. Grats to the one year tam!! The new banner look amazing, just like you do babe 😛 xxx

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