If I ain’t obnoxious then I’m rude…

It’s no secret that I have a passion for garish prints and bright colours. And obviously being from South Africa I kinda get nostalgic around anything ethnic inspired. So Rihanna’s new video for Rude Boy nearly sent me into convulsions. Man alive it’s amazing!! The girls body is fucking increds, but besides that…the steeze of that video is right up my style alley! Lookie…

If I could live in leopard print, bright green, purple, yellow and gold jewellery I would. This is mos def NOT beige. Some think I wear kicks to be all ‘hip hop’ and ‘down’ – puuulease…as if I need shoes to be like that. I wear them because of the bright ass colours they come in and for comfort. I have as many heels as I do trainers so shove it up your ass.

MAN I love this video…and the song ain’t bad either. But seriously, these images portray the personal style I aspire to almost exactly – some is a bit ‘out there’ like I probs wouldn’t get that close to wild animals for instance. I am just frikkin loving the whole dance hall influence that is banging about right now. My main girl M.I.A is another example…

Daang I love this woman. Now THIS is true African style. Not that burnt orange and wooden masks and rhino bullshit. I can’t speak for the whole continent…but South Africa is all about recycling, bright colours and mixing shit up. And this is where it’s at. Another mega style icon of mine is Jem from the ‘Jem and the Holograms’ fame…remember this bird? I used to have the doll and everything…

Although truth be told…I was a bit of an animal when I was younger and I preferred the ‘baddies’, better know as ‘The Misfits’ …

Just look at those leggings! BEYOND dope. Jem and the Holograms was ahead of it’s time! I wanted to be like them, and nearly 18 years later…I still do. *sigh* a world without colour is just damn straight beige. Haha, don’t ever say I don’t live up to my name! xxx

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  1. I was obsessed with Jem, I had two Jem dolls and even had the blue-haired Misfit! I used to listen to that little casette with their songs on it religiously (I still know half the lyrics, hehe). It's probably what started my obsession with pink, some to think of it.

    Sometimes I wish I could dress in bright colours instead of just pink/black like I usually do but I get a bit scared. I LOVE M.I.A's style and would love to dress like her (lie that watermelon shirt? AMAZING!).

  2. Anonymous // 2010-04-09 at 6:24 PM // Reply

    Hey Tammy, I agree about the colours and the African prints etc. but don't you think that video is like something straight off Channel O ???!!!
    I can actually see a few true African bum twitches in there and everything!!
    from sam

  3. Oi Rubes I had the exact smae doll! Where are you from?

    Sam…haha I get what you're saying but I frikkin love that video! Rihanna is from Barbados some homegirl knows how to shake her junk :) xx

  4. I'm Aussie, used to live in country Victoria so I imagine pink and blue haired dolls were quite an eye opener to the country bumpkins.

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