I love this French artist that throws up these little mosaic wonders. He even makes little maps so that you can find each ‘invasion’. In Montpellier (about as ghetto as France can get, even the homeboys look chic) he chose the location for each invader with such precision, so that when you looked at the map, it formed the image of a space invader. Clever Clogs.

You can spot these bad boys all over the world. There are even one or two in Melbourne and …..not Sydney, but bloody Perth! Ha! Not so perthetic now hey? Let me know if you ever spot it …I’m not telling where it is.

So these are a few me and my then boyfriend spotted whilst living in Europe. I know this is like the second post where I have mentioned my ex this week. It’s not because I am hung up, it’s because I have been cruising through old photos and me and old mate were joined at the hip for 6 years, so we have custody of a few joint memories. Whatevs. Enjoy the invasion!

I’m checking out ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ this week. I’m pretty sure he is one of the featured artists. Ya’ll should get familiar.

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  1. I've seen a couple around Perth, what's his name?

  2. Anonymous // 2010-06-05 at 1:32 PM // Reply

    Wow 6 years is a long time! Why did you break up and was it hard? Please do a post on long term relationship breakups. PLEASE

  3. haha, that post would need a lot of stamina toots. But I'll work on it!

    Jen: He just goes by the name of 'Invader' I think. Check out his other stuff called 'Rubikcubism' made of rubiks cubes – obvs. It's pretty dope.

  4. Hey Owl wassup.. There were more than a few around Perth, most have gone now. One on the freeway bridge, one above the old mcdonanlds, the RTR building in Mt Lawley had one, but they decided to remove it when they moved in! I reckon there were at least ten in Perth!!

  5. Absolutely love that kind of street projects!

  6. ..oops…also, I took a photo of this one in Paris just a couple-o weeks ago:

    ..its a few photos down…

  7. whoah. Nevermind the invader…those French pics are dope as. I'm well jel.

  8. Why thankyou, Owl..

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