1. It has happened to the best of us. Here you are cruising down the proverbial love highway, listening to some tunes, taking the occasional sip of coffee, sunglasses on, wind in your hair and then suddenly some asshole T bones you with his woo and charm and you go spinning out of control. Grip that steering wheel and watch out for the tree! You’ll be back on the road in no time.
  2. Ok, so you’ve been hit. Now what? Let me tell you something about our little friends called men. They get the biggest hard on for things that they think they cannot have. They like to work for it because that way, they will be able to enjoy it so much more once they have conquered whatever or whoever it is they are persistently chasing.
  3. And you know what we do wrong? We allow ourselves to lose a little bravado and we start caring about what they think. This is usually the time where the game playing begins because now he will back off quicker than you can say ‘watch out for that tree!’ and before you know it, his responses and contacts will become less and more sporadic than prior to you dropping your guard/knickers thus leaving you to wonder what just happened causing you to make enquiries. It’s only natural.
  4. An enquiring girl with a crush will forever be labeled by a man as ‘needy’. They fucking LOVE that word. It is their favourite word of all time after ‘blowjob’. Sometimes they alter their behaviour ever so slightly which will not be noticeable to anyone outside of your union but you know and he knows that you know which means, you are being tested, baby girl. So if you drop the ‘are you ok?’ ‘s and the ‘is everything all right?’ s because you are feeling a little vulnerable after letting your guard down then I am afraid to say that you will be labeled as ‘needy’. It’s the game! Round one…you lose.
  5. But they set you up, innit? They lead you down the path of false security, causing you to feel safe and then they hide behind a wall whilst you are left wondering where the fuck you are. If this wasn’t a metaphor it would sound like rape. But you are no victim! You are just blind sided by being hit and you have fucking birds flying around your head and love hearts where your eyes used to be. You have lost your game! And not only that, you have lost control.
  6. So after they have done fucking with your head, they will try to touch your vagina. Needy or not needy, they will still want your emotionally unstable ass naked and gagging for it. Go figure.
  7. Ah, but it is not all about them being predator and you being the victim. This is about you not having your fucking wits about you and losing yourself in the romance of it all. He is probably open for you to play back but you either don’t know how or can’t be fucked because you are feeling a little self conscious after your technique has been criticised. ┬áIt’s always hard knowing when to drop doubt and just have fun but we as chicks, often do it far too early.
  8. Does this make us a bad person? Nope…just a weak one. It is funny how we will ‘um’ and ‘ah’ over shoes but when a desirable man gets inside our head and pushes all the right buttons then we suddenly become overwhelmingly decisive. ‘Chill out!’ he will say. Um…you set the pace, mate.
  9. It’s not even about him. He is not THAT great and this will become apparent the minute you discover that you are losing your cool. You didn’t lose it…you just forgot where you put it for while. Get a grip! Get back behind the wheel! You were having such a nice drive. And as for old mate? To the left to the left, mother fucker.
  10. Look, we are GIRLS. We are emotional beings who are hormonal at least once a month for sure and God knows what happens on either side of that. If we weren’t emotional, then we would have a penis. Guys get cocky once they’ve got you, and thats cool..I mean, whatever. But you are allowing them to have you, they did not take you so you can always decide to remove the privilege of knowing you. Keeping your emotions on lock takes strength and courage and you need to place faith in the universe that all is well that ends well. Learn from experiences and acknowledge where you went wrong so that when the next smooth talking criminal decides to have a crack, you’ll be ready for him.


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