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Hey freaks, I’m back. I know the site has been up for a while but it hasn’t exactly been running like it used to for oooooh, maybe 3 years? Who’s counting?! Well, apparently quite a few people actually (like 3) but nevertheless, they want to know where I’ve been.

The truth is I went/am crazy. Utterly and totally bat shit and it was the time of my life. No, not really it’s been hell. Sheer, utter mental anguish that courses anxiety through one’s veins like the crimson tide of life. I used to write because I just had to remove my thoughts from my head and it has always been my go to form of expression. But THEN the words decided to stay put and weave little worm holes throughout my grey matter whilst seductively ushering me to head for the treasure chest marked ‘repressed’ of which was quite the fucking wasp nest to be honest with you. I got to the core, as they say. My journey has not gotten all that easier since untying the knot as I still occasionally get statue frosty with anxiety but, it has certainly made the process of bouncing back a piece of non-shop-bought cake because I now know that all you have to do to be happy is to change your mind. But before you wake up, you need to know that you are sleeping. Do I make the sense? Most of us are trapped in our pretty little heads and guess what? There’s a way out.

Meanwhile, back at the Apple Mac, I haven’t been writing for shit. I wrote in my journal most days and I often scribble in my imagination but the desire to unleash just didn’t want to come. The words seemingly wanted to marinade for a little before hitting the appetites of others. And I wanted to get healthy in order to be aromatic with my frequency rather than toxic. It’s getting easier to tell the difference.

But also, I’ve missed you. No, really.

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  1. +1 more missed your blog.

  2. aweh, welcome back!

  3. Totally hear you gf. I have been through physical… and consequently mental health challenges that messed up my life, turned it (and me) inside out and (eventually) set me on a spiritual and healing path that is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. After trying to sort things via specialists and therapists I went alternative. I have been seeing a healer for three years and doing spiritual and psychic development for two. (I have set up a healing and coaching business called ‘The Green Season’ – so get in touch if you fancy a session/checking it out.)
    Its been a rocky road to get back on blueprint/path meant for me but it is what it is and you have to travel the road you’re on till you find the space to take a better one. I can totally relate to where you’ve been as there were some super lonely dark spaces and a couple of times when I wondered if I could handle it or if I should just give up…. but I’m also really grateful for the challenges and changes. My self and world view is so much better than it was. Physically I’m still moving through some stuff, but I have faith that will eventually recede and for now I’m accepting the invitations to grow and allowing myself to see what I can do.
    Anyway, just wanted to reach out and let you know that am super glad that you’re back and that you’re not the only one who’s been through a dark night of the soul for the last few years. In fact the whole planet is moving through stuff and releasing and shedding old belief systems.
    Take care

    • Thanks for this Des! I think we need to all be a little patient with ourselves when the healing takes place. It took a life time to do damage and it can’t be fixed overnight. Patience is a virtue! And we are alive during a really fantastic time! LIFE IS GOOD x

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