oxygen, water, food and a leather jacket


Rei Kawakubo – creator of Comme des Garcons

A leather jacket is the ultimate. I sling mine over everything. Once I even went to the shop to get milk for breakfast and threw on my leather over my nightie and strolled down to the deli. Saying that, I live in Melbourne, everyone here looks like they just rolled out of bed. But would this have worked with any other jacket besides leather? I think not!

Get it right and you will have it forever. The more you wear it, the better it gets and your grandkids will love you for it one day.

A simple guide…

  • You want a biker style jacket. Leather blazers or bombers are fine and all but they aren’t what you would call classic. Keep it rock n roll…
  • Black. You always want it in black. Avoid patchwork and crazy colours unless they are in addition to the classic black leather
  • It almost has to be real leather. But with veganism rising quicker than sea level, there are some decent faux leathers around. You want a soft, supple feel that doesn’t crinkle or make squelchy noises when you wear it
  • Vintage is best for affordability and it will already be ‘broken in’. Designer is obviously amazing but if you have $5k laying around then be my guest and also, may I borrow some cash? The high street stores are doing some remarkable versions of Burberry Prorsum et al. You will be surprised where you find your leather soul mate
  • It MUST be fitted. Oversized is not a good look when it comes to leather
  • Avoid gimmicks such as hoods, ribbed elastic around the wrists and the waist
  • You want metal zips. A plastic sip will make your Balmain jacket look like its from Kmart. And if the zip says YKK then you are in for a treat! Best zips in the land
  • Ideally you want lamb or sheep leather. Pig skin is common and less expensive but coarser
  • Wear it with everything. And I mean, everything
  • Remember: invest in classics and scrimp on trends. That is the secret.

Where did you get yours? Tell us the story behind your leather…


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