MONTE MORGAN from Client Liaison

Self Portrait

I love interesting people. There is nothing I love more than not feeling bored when someone speaks to me. You’ll be surprised at how likely it is that the lady selling you your coriander at the market could more than likely hold your attention for longer than a Hollywood star.

One of the many reasons I am absolutely enamoured by the Melbourne band, Client Liaison is because they take the schtik all the way. Monte, one half of the duo, is everything you want in a performer, that being pizazz, confidence, an air of apathy and a fantastic haircut. They embody the sound and aesthetic of their music which inevitably delivers something new, something fresh, something fucking cool. Having witnessed their performances on a few occasions I was left wanting more. I want to know what these guys eat, where they live, their internet history, everything.

Monte, What’s your favourite colour?


Favourite aisle at the supermarket?

Sri Lankan spice aisle

If you were only able to listen to one song for an entire week without the risk of getting sick of it, it would be…

The one I would be working on

Tell me, what is your spirit animal?


Was there a time in your life where you gambled your dignity and was it worth it?

I do have a healthy roulette habit but I don’t think I’ve ever put my dignity on the line

What are your thoughts on religion, politics and clean eating?


There are 3 absolutes in life: death, taxes and…

tax evasion

What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?

That I was born in a sea of bright orange light

Pick a place or country where you would live for 10 years straight. You’re never allowed to leave. Not even for a weekend break.


What do you know for sure?

That it will all be ok.

What amazed you?

Blood Orange’s new album


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