Ehrm, yeah so when I was 13 back in 1992, me and my girlfriends (non lezza) formed a group called ‘New Babes on the Block’ (original) and we used to mime to this song by 2 Unlimited. Oh God. We had it on a cassette tape on a little boom box that I got for Christmas.  We had short black dresses made and we got this one girls Mum to do our make up ’cause she worked for Elizabeth Arden or some shit.  And THEN….wait for it…we used to burst into classrooms at school during lessons, press play, and bust our moves.  We even made posters hahahaha. YEAH SO ANYWAY.  2 Unlimited were pretty big in South Africa, mabes because they were Dutch…who knows.  But I can tell you who weren’t big….New Babes on the Block….thats who.

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  1. Everything about this post makes me smile like an idiot. Tammy, you seriously are my hear ♥

  2. This is amazing… me and my friends had a group called "Girlz II Women" ahem (in no way were we ripping off Boyz II Men). We used to sing along to Mariah Carey "Daydream" album and The Fugees. So much respect for what you and your little gals used to do. Its not easy being a neighbourhood phenomenon and having hangers-on always tryin to get up in your band….. 😀

  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahha. totally! x

  4. ahhh I love this.. strange story- I was hanging out with 2 Unlimited the other week.. Go figure!

  5. Fitzy, you are just becoming more and more awesome to me. Stop it now xx

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