‘Oh hey baby, wanna play?’

I was cruising round David Jones Department Store today and would like to know WHY Barbie is now dressing like a high class hooker?
Who the fuck is in charge of styling over at Mattel? Paris Hilton?And furthermore…why is it that black Barbie get’s to look like Destiny’s Child, and the fairer model has to resemble Anna Nicole Smith after she got dressed in the dark? (may she rest in peace)

Could we have a Gwen Stefani inspired doll to represent us please?

3 Comments on ‘Oh hey baby, wanna play?’

  1. I feel like barbie's always been a bit of a skank. I had one when I was little who had acid wash jeans with white lace panels down the sides, and a matching white lace top. I guess when you don't have nipples you can wear lace tops with nothing underneath.

  2. and no nips would defs help

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