OH no she didn’t…

Oh yes I did! After an unsuccessful hunt for blue lipstick a dear friend put me onto this fresh website called Lime Crime and I found the perfect shade of smurf! Don’t be too much in awe with my out-of-the box thinking … I was actually inspired by this photo…

And to my utter joy, I peep’d Acclaims new cover and the broad on there is sporting a lovely sky hue lippy too. Gee, aren’t I just like sooo fashion forward? So anyway, Lime Crime saved the day and I found it!

The brand was started by a bodacious Russian lady named Doe Deere, who is based in New York. She specializes in high impact colour and pure dopeness (real word). Check the fiery haired, unicorn loving temptress out..

That’s one hot mama, and she obvs knows her stuff!Come on, don’t tell me you aren’t licking your smackers at the sheer possibilities of these delectable shades of lippy? And that’s not all…Lime Crime do a ridic amount of eye shadows that’ll make your lids look like mini candy stores. Get your plastic card out and get shopping for these bad boys, ’cause at 16 bucks a pop for a lipstick and 12 big ones for the magic dust that are her eye shadows, you can’t really go wrong, now can you doll face?
So if you want to purchase said goodness and check out Doe’s uber cute blog, click on the ad on the side of this page, or the banner at the bottom and it’ll link you straight up to cosmetic heaven. That is if your idea of heaven is fresh make-up resembling a jar full of sweets. If not…then we have nothing in common. Unless you enjoy a bit of manhood, then I guess we do.
Peace out sugar plums x

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  1. It's so sweet of you to write about my brand, thank you! xoxo

  2. great colours!! i want that light blue one!! awesome

  3. Haha! Just bought blue and yellow nail polish so we'll see what's next 😉

  4. You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contrbuitnig.

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