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Other than Maya, I’d say Lily Allen is another flavour fave for moi. I don’t know what it is, I guess I enjoy the ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitudes of young girls going against social conformity, I dunno…mabes that my intelligent reason, but my real reason is that I am a sucker for a girl who embraces gold jewellery, hence my love for Lady SJ, but I digress…

A few days ago I was perusing the newsstand for a rag that would keep me mildly entertained on the 2 hour journey from London to Liverpool, Ms Allen’s face on the front cover of UK Elle was the deal breaker…I kinda wish I went for Katie Price if I’m being honest. What the fuck is up with Lily? Why has she gone all beige on our ass? OK, she IS looking dope, here’s the cover …
But I was much preferring this era …

What the fuck Lily? There is plenty of time to get all elegant and grown up…your 20’s are not the time mate. Yeah you’re looking fly no matter what you do, but hanging up the microphone to become Elle’s ‘fashion advisor’ is just not cricket girl. Since when did you think there were ‘rules for fashion’? I thought you were were one of us! Bring back Lily Allen circa Air Max.
The Chanel campaign is an exception.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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  1. She's become so much more glamorous-looking since "Smile" came out. Its kind of interesting, to watch an artist/singer/actress evolve as they become more famous (and wealthy I suppose)

  2. yeah it's totes down to $$ innit? No boubt she looks amazing, but a small part of me dies when someone with that much natural style starts obviously using a stylist. If M.I.A goes that way I will lose the will to live. It's not bad, its just so fucking boring! x

  3. you are so right, I just had the same thought yesterday. Even if it's not my kind of music I really love her style and attitude, her wearing sneakers, going topless and not giving a f*ck about hollywood and stuff. So the rebel inside me already cried when I saw her for Chanel and it really makes me kind of sad seeing her losing weight and being dressed up "sexy" in stupid magazines…

  4. I loved her chav-esque style back in the day and am totally bummed she's just another fashion-savvy twit who doesn't stir much in any more :(

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