Owl goes Gaga

Oh get off your ‘I’m-too-cool-to like-Gaga’ high horse and open your mind. In a sea of black skinny jeaned front men and laid back attitudes towards stage costume, Lady Gaga is just what we need. Her music is OK, (although I now play her album loud and proud, instead of only on the freeway when nobody could hear it) but I was quite frankly uber impressed with her talent, yeah that’s right…TALENT at last nights performance. The bitch played piano (which was on fire I might add) with her foot (which was encased in a thigh high black patent leather Louboutin boot) all whilst wearing a minuscule ensemble of black leather studded bra and knickers. But what came through the flames and leather was a voice that I was not expecting. Ms Gaga could quite easily hold her own with the Aguilera’s and Houston’s of this world. I found myself tapping my foot and getting down like a duck to ‘Pokerface’ – which I used to hate fyi – whilst fucking dope ass images of the woman rocked the screens behind her.

With MJ’s death this year, the music world needs a new ‘freak’ if you will. I don’t mean to sound neg by saying that, I actually think that ‘freaks’ are amazing and necessary. Hell, some would say that a grown woman of 28 years of age going around calling herself an owl is a freak – for example. Freaks streak through the beige masses with a rainbow paintbrush, and their creative vats overflow with so much ease that it is impossible not to stand back and look on in awe. She is often compared to Madonna, but what she has that Madge kinda lacked in the 80’s and especially now, is a certain kind of vulnerability. Gags is very transparent about really wanting to be adored. Which sort of contradicts the whole ‘I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks’ thing…hmmm. She can contradict all she likes though, ’cause this Owl is hooked! Many are filled with confusion or judgement, which is great because that’s what gets peeps talking thus causing hype which sends her straight into the stratosphere – where she belongs. Furthermore, her wardrobe is just fucking BEYOND and her body is increds! Like seriously not normal. Check out the booty…

Daaaaaang girl, I’d be wearing sparkly knickers if I had a rump like that too. Make no God damn mistake.

So yes I bought the merch and yes I am a fan. That tshirt I copped is gonna be tres appreciated by my teenage daughter one day. It will age as well as Angela Lansbery…you just wait and see yo! I even found myself raising my hand when she asked us to while she told us that no matter what anyone ever thinks of us…she loves us. Call me obsessed but ya know what? I believe the crazy bitch.

Yup yup, the purp Air Max’s give it a certain somethin some x

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  1. gaga proved she is a brilliant and talented performer.

    i think the loneliness of which she spoke is somewhat genuine, a little contradictory yes, but real people have such contradictions. she isn't a pretender.

    after the burning piano, giant angler fish puppet, hot dancing homos and pyrotechnic panties, i found myself liking her music more by than when i entered the venue.

  2. agreed Jackie baby x

  3. I am SO jealous right now!!!

  4. I fucking love Gaga. She's incredibly unique and not to mention extremely talented.

    She's the new Madonna.
    And I want to be a dancer for her soooo badly.

    You're so lucky to have seen her!!

  5. she is ridiculous…and i like her! Genius!

  6. i'll never forget her show, partly because my sister filmed half of it but mostly because she is just way to awesome to be forgotten

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