Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway part 122


  1. Before getting dressed in the morning, do your hair and make-up first. That way the clothes will look better when you’re trying them on. 
  2. Other people’s personal life decisions are not a reflection of you. If a friend tells you he or she has decided to go vegan, start saving money or go travelling, it is not an opportunity for you to reflect on your own life! You can do that later, but at the time just listen and be happy for them.
  3. Shut up and listen. 
  4. ‘and then I was LIKE and then she was all LIKE and I dunno LIKE’ let us try and leave out the word ‘like’ from conversation. Try it! It’s fucking difficult. 
  5. The new passive aggressive thing we do is to continue to be present on instagram and twitter when we haven’t responded to a text message or taken a call from someone. 
  6. When it comes to anal sex, even if you’ve done it heaps lie and say you’ve never done it. 
  7. When you have guests over you should always offer them a refreshment, even if it’s just water. What are you? An animal?
  8. Revelling in the past turns you into a prisoner of your own mind. Be in the now! Look outside, isn’t it a beautiful day? What? It’s raining? Think about the rainbow that is going to follow! Keep your mind present but keep your wardrobe and iTunes peppered with days gone by. 
  9. Authenticity happens when we think for ourselves. Sometimes you need to turn off the white noise of other people’s opinions and go with your gut. You always know. Always. 
  10. You think therefore you am.

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  1. Anonymous // 2013-03-01 at 8:53 AM // Reply

    I try to just enjoy the rain.. If I think about the rainbow that follows then I worry about if it never comes :-)

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