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I have lived alone for the most part of seven years now and have been single for about 85% of the time as well. This suits me right down to my second floor ground, let me tell you.**  This is very closely linked to the fact that I am a neat freak. Not nutso-psycho neat, but most things are at a right angle. Yes.

Aaaaannnnnyyyy way.

One of the greatest things I learnt in my house share days is that I really like it when I come home and everything is just as I left it. If it was a mess, it was my mess – as the argument goes. But then I go away sometimes for an extended period of time..say more than a week…and not a single soul crosses my threshold and so everything is just ‘so’ on my return. The half drunk, cold coffee on my desk. The towel on the bed. The plants that have now seemingly outgrown their position in the tiny apartment. Everything predictably there because the routine I found myself in before I left would make it so. The new energy coming back usually needs me to move a few things around and more often than not, throw things out. There is no need to go out and buy anything new. Just move a picture from one wall to the other wall or change the sheets to another colour. Vacuuming under the furniture is also a nice little cleanser.

As William Morris said, ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. Well ‘old Bill, with each little trip I take, I find I am getting closer to this vision because the recycle bin is full and the feeling is free.

** And no. I don’t have a cat.

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