Sleep is for the Sane


My computer runs slowest when I’m downloading the entire series of Shaka Zulu, going over excel spreadsheets for work, lurking someone I don’t know’s wedding on facebook, playing iTunes and entering a youtube K-hole – all at the same time. It feels good to shut it all down and close the bastard before heading to bed with a book.

Our very own motherboard needs a reboot every single night. Get at least 5 hours. 4 hours minimum. Watch your anxiety reduce like red wine sauce.

Tips for sleeping? Wind down at least an hour beforehand. Dim the lights, wear comfortable clothes, avoid people/media/substances that antagonise you. Come on, you know the drill. I’m not going to regurgitate everything Google has on offer in the way of tips to get some shut eye when all I can simply advise is that you go to sleep.

Good night

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