Beyonce’s little sister is cooler

I dunno hey, the sister of Beyonce is somehow a little cooler.  I mean, it helps this video is filmed in Cape Town which is pulling at my heart strings but her steeze in this video is so on point and effortless.  You know like how Prada and Miu [...]

2012-10-07 // 1 Comment


I always have to write KREAYSHAWN in capitol letters. Peep her website and watch her videos and you will see that there is nothing lower case about this broad from The Bay who has her manicured fingers in so many pies.  These pies include video [...]

2011-04-03 // 5 Comments


I would just like to start off by saying that I am rubbish at life. I hung out with Panda over 6 weeks ago and I am only posting now. Truth is? I lost my notes. Yes I know…I’m a winner. Anyway, onwards! When asking Derwin aka GOLD PANDA [...]

2011-03-13 // 1 Comment


Well not really as it was last weekend but did I tell you I finally met M.I.A?  Those who follow this here blog on the reg will know that I have her on a bit of a pedestal. Well, I bumped into her at a party last Sunday night and I said hi. Nothing [...]

2011-02-14 // 1 Comment


Yes everyone I had a bit of a blip there for a second, well…more for a fucking week!  SPAM was a bastard and got into the crevices of the OWL and NOT in a good way!  But hey, I’m back now and it’s like it never happened.  Just [...]

2011-01-31 // 0 Comments


I have spoken to many a creative on O.OWL and I have come to realize that those who have achieved the most are often the most humble.  Stones Throw Records and LA born and raised and  DAM FUNK  (pronounced ‘dame’ from [...]

2011-01-06 // 2 Comments


Ehrm, yeah so when I was 13 back in 1992, me and my girlfriends (non lezza) formed a group called ‘New Babes on the Block’ (original) and we used to mime to this song by 2 Unlimited. Oh God. We had it on a cassette tape on a little boom [...]

2010-11-01 // 6 Comments


First thing I thought of as soon as I heard Die Antwoord were receiving world recognition: “Does anyone who isn’t South African understand what they’re saying?” Generally us saffers are left shocked and amazed by the blatant [...]

2010-05-27 // 4 Comments

Imma take you back to the nineties

… to the ma’ fuckin 90’s yo! It seems as though the nineteen nineties have taken over the 80’s as the coolest decade. I think because it was now over a 10 years ago, and therefore can be classed as ‘retro’. I was [...]

2010-05-16 // 7 Comments


Oh God. I know Imma bit slow on the uptake here but I first clapped eyes on this vid yesterday. How good is B’s ass in those jeans!? I was crumpin in my car today to this [...]

2010-05-04 // 2 Comments

Tinie Tempah you devil!

Dunno if any of you remember his first tune “Wifey”? Well I do. When I lived in London I remember it being played countless times on Channel U. Aaah Channel U *sigh* – mostly crap but would sometimes deliver a cracker, and Patrick [...]

2010-04-20 // 4 Comments

Owl goes Gaga

Oh get off your ‘I’m-too-cool-to like-Gaga’ high horse and open your mind. In a sea of black skinny jeaned front men and laid back attitudes towards stage costume, Lady Gaga is just what we need. Her music is OK, (although I now [...]

2010-04-02 // 6 Comments


I went to see The Pixies last night. If anyone asks me what my favourite band is, The Pixies is always my answer. Sure I don’t listen to them all the time, and I’m really a bit of a hip hop and fresh new music kinda gal – but these [...]

2010-03-28 // 1 Comment


So I have this great friend named Asha Davies. We mainly bonded over a love for Indian culture, hairy boys and red wine but the thing we both loved to do is dance like no one is watching. Actually, we’re both exhibitionists so we are probably [...]

2009-10-04 // 2 Comments