It’s always a tricky one talking religion and/or politics because the chances are there will be someone present who is not only ignorant but also a robot. Ignorant robots are the worst of the worst because they just absorb popular opinion and [...]

2014-10-05 // 0 Comments

All talk and No action

One of the strangest things about being a person from another country is overcoming that niggly feeling of always feeling a little discontent and the only way you can really overcome it is to just accept that it is always going to be there, nagging [...]

2014-01-17 // 9 Comments

My Little Kony

I just watched this video and then I vacuumed the house.  Then I sat down on my bed to write something about it, but instead I spent 15 minuted reblogging things we’ve all already seen on tumblr.  Truth is, I just don’t know what to [...]

2012-03-12 // 6 Comments

Ding dong Osama’s dead.

So old mate Osama got shot in the head.  Did it happen?  Sure it did!  Is this good news?  It’s fucking great news! Will it end terrorism? Definitely not. I doubt I will see the end of terrorism in my life time. See the thing about [...]

2011-05-05 // 6 Comments