Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway Part 103

Straight up, Imma get straight to it…anal sex.

Nothing new as we have touched on this subject many times, but it seems to be cropping up in conversation a lot lately.   Gentleman of modern times have somehow come to the conclusion that this act is on the menu right under handjobs.  Now which of you are allowing them to think this to be true is what I want to know?  Sure it is less ‘taboo’ than it once was but seriously hey, this little treat should only be wheeled out for the worthy and as a treat. If we just start giving them the ass willy nilly then homeboys are gonna become jaded and start expecting you to get it on with their alsatian in say 5 to 8 years…let’s not spoil them is what I’m trying to say. I mean, they’re already making their ‘demands’ on their preference of bush vs no bush and I fear we are nurturing a bunch of brats.


Hair done, nails done, everything did.

Do not under estimate what a little grooming can do for your self esteem and your mood. Go see your beautician/hairdresser – sorry, ‘hair artist’ – instead of buying new clothes. It’s MUCH more of an investment beleee meee.


It’s summer, your face is probably shiny…

Get some powder on that shit OR you can get those little face blotting thingo’s


If you are creative, be so with abandon.

Some people will hate it, some people will judge it, some may even be offended.  You cannot allow the world we live in to dictate the way you create because then it is not honest or sincere.  The minute you start caring what people are going to think or feel in any way constricted or limited…it’s over.


He isn’t replying/responding/reacting because he doesn’t want to. 

You can’t push these things.  You’re also probably feeling anxious about it so you’re trying to salvage something which is just making you come across as desperate/annoying/crazy. Leave be. You’ll speak again one day, and it will be all good and if you don’t…well it will probably be because you forgot all about him.   Just stop poking the wasp nest though…k babe?

*This advice is not strictly for girls.

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  1. youngtamfan // 2011-12-04 at 1:39 PM // Reply

    You are so spot on about the anal sex thing, you give them an inch and the take a mile.
    I laughed at the thought of having to have sex with dogs just to satisfy men. Sex is great but it appears it’s going to become more of a chore the older and more experienced we all get.

    As a teen it was so easy for guys to get off, and within a few years the league has changed- it’s like the iron (wo)man challenge. First this, now that, please do this, and let me do it here.. it’s tiring.
    Is porn to blame? I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject because i’m undecided about the whole thing

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