Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway part 118


  1. With a new year comes resolutions and that is totally cool/normal. Don’t listen to all those lateral thinkers out there with all their ‘It’s just like any other normal day’ hoopla because it ain’t. It is definitely a chance to not so much clean the slate but more of an opportunity for change.  A clean slate is bull poo anyway because it is our past experience and knowledge that have nudged the urge to make the change in the first place. But if I were you, which I’m not but if I were, I would keep your changes close to your chest and internalise and meditate on them in order for a higher success rate. 
  2. Remember that others opinions are just another view point and not necessarily the right thing to do. Including this blog actually, especially this blog. 
  3. No, hot cross buns are not in the shops earlier this year. They are always about in January and Christmas decorations are always up in September. This is our fault because we always need something to look forward to. Stop complaining. 
  4. There is nothing healthy about a tan but God damn it makes you look gewd. 
  5. Say ‘Twenty Thirteen’ instead of ‘Two Thousand and Thirteen’ – it sounds way more chic. 
  6. Please, please, please stop saying ‘Yolo’. Nothing that Drake does is cool. 
  7. If you are a Drake fan then I’m sorry. (I’m not sorry). The only Drake I like comes with plum sauce and pancakes. 
  8. Dress up more…even if you’re just popping out to get some milk. 
  9. Pretend you are in Paris/London/Kingston even if you’re not in Paris/London/Kingston. 
  10. I wish you good luck with all your resolutions this year, especially if ‘read more’ is on your list. 


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  1. Totally agreed on points 3 and 4. I saw someone complain about how many Christmas displays were up in November. Ummm, that’s the appropriate time, surely? And to anyone who objects to saying “twenty thirteen”, you best be saying all years like “nineteen hundred and ninety seven” if you’re so gung ho on calling it “two thousand and thirteen”.

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