1. Your feelings are not good or bad, they just are. Just go with it and then move on. People can tell you how to act, they can even tell you how to think! But not even you can control how you feel.
  2. If you need somewhere to escape for like an hour or so where you can’t be contacted and you don’t have to think then go on a solo trip to the movies and don’t tell anybody.
  3. People will come in and out of your life and fuck with your focus…but only if you let them. Remember: You were fine when you didn’t know them, and you’ll be fine when you don’t.
  4. Never lie about your age. No one actually gives that much of a shit.
  5. Never, ever watch porn with your phone nearby because chances are your mum will call at a very critical moment.
  6. Ladies! Only date gentlemen. Make it your early new years resolution and when everybody talks about theirs come December/January then you can declare that you are already set.
  7. Years ago an ex boyfriend bought me two Prada handbags. The boy is married to someone else and I now rock a $5 bag from Primark. Everything is transient so be careful where you place your value.
  8. Try to swear less. It’s fucking hard but it puts your brain in training of olympic proportions because you really will have to start thinking before you speak.
  9. Yes, all that cream and pasta and sugar and flour will make you fat. #justsaying
  10. Expectation ruins the surprise but then, what did you expect?

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