Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 50

DON’T OVER APOLOGIZE – If you are like me, then you will over analyse the situation thus become more paranoid than a junkie which means you may try to over compensate. Don’t. It does nobody any good and it makes you look weak.
TRY NOT TO ASSUME OR PRESUME – Take every moment, person, experience as it comes. You have no idea how many people you are cutting off or things you won’t experience because of misguided presumptions. However, this does not mean throw all caution to the tornado. Read the ‘how to spot a knob end’ post. Plenty of assumption is going on up in there.
YOU SHOULD DEFS RING YOUR NAN EVERY NOW AND THEN – Don’t neglect old people. They’ve lived it, done it and bought the fucking tshirt. Their lives have been in vain if we don’t take lessons from them.
DON’T MESSAGE HIM – Put your damn phone down. Chill out. It’s all good. It will work out if it’s meant to.
POLYESTER KNICKERS WILL GIVE YOU THRUSH – What are you trying to do here? Who even makes this shit? Men. That’s who.
NOT EVERYONE IS BITING YOU – Come on! You ain’t THAT original. We all got the idea from somewhere.
Some people are pretty dang original though, like my girl Motel 7 xx

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  1. YES!!!!!!

    this is one of my favourites for a while! every single thing is so on-point. especially re: style biters & ringing your nan.


  2. Thank you, come again! xx

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