Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway. Part 52

IF YOU FEEL YOU MAY HAVE BEEN ON A SEXUAL CONVEYOR BELT, GET THE HELL OUT – You are better than being a notch on the bed post. If you don’t think so, he won’t think so.
ED HARDY IS THE BRAND OF NUMB NUTS – Stay away from it people. Fuck I don’t know what happens to these brands hey. Like in England, people generally steer clear of the Burburry check print, yet here in Aus the masses are loving it. Unforch, it all boils down to the kind of demographic associated with such branding, and not the brand itself. Because really, is Ed Hardy THAT bad? I have seen many a person sporting a tattoo that would not go amiss on an E.Hardy hoodie slating the Italian vomit label. Burberry was almost single handily brought down by the football hooligan chavvy chavs who did about as much for the labels reputation as Britney Spears does for wholesome living. Thank God they were saved by signing ‘ol Mossy and all was forgiven. It’s pot luck this business. So yeah anyway, just don’t wear Ed fucking Hardy.
WOULD YOU MIND KEEPING YOUR VOICE DOWN IN THE CINEMA? – OK, so you find the movie boring. Go outside and wait for it to end, have a nap, suck your boyfriends dick, go get more popcorn and choke on it, go sneak into another flick…whatever…just shut the hell up!!
NO, NOT EVERYBODY STARTED WEARING BRIGHT LEGGINGS ‘CAUSE YOU DID – And not everyone got their nose pierced because you did, and not everyone started listening to Nick Cave because you did. It’s just because you have decided to do something and therefore begin to notice others doing the same, when you didn’t before. Although, that being said, there are a fair few dirty nasty style biters out there. Eh fuck ’em. Cream always rises.

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  1. Anonymous // 2010-06-08 at 10:49 AM // Reply

    I enjoy your posts most of the time, What i don't enjoy is the contradictory "Take my advice" some of this shit isn't advice, it's basically dictatorship ie; DON'T wear ed hardy"…excuse me?
    In reference to your recent post commending your friend for her new clothing store launch (Congratulations), because she put in such a huge ammount of effort and deserves the respect for doing so…So does the creator of the brand ed hardy..Man seriously, you are all about telling people to lighten up and be themselves, some people probably really like Ed Hardy, BUT OH NO! DON'T WEAR IT! BECAUSE THE GIRL WHO SHOPS AT THRIFT STORES WON'T LIKE IT AND WILL JUDGE YOU…Each to their own i think; Not being harsh..I just think that was a bit out of line.

    Thank you x

  2. haha ok fair dues girl. (I'm assuming you are female?) Thing is, this is personal advice coming from me, and it's a blog started by me, and I'm not representing a magazine that is required to appeal to a wide demographic. Personally? I wouldn't be caught dead in Ed Hardy. So that's what I'm gonna 'advise' i.e. if I went shopping with a mate, and she chose something from Mr Audigier, I'd probs 'advise' her not to – but then, if many of you had a sneaky peak in my 'drobe, you'd not be wanting to don any of the fuck shows in there… But it's like I said, its not even the brand thats the issue, … it can sometimes be the mass of knob ends that give it a bad rep. Whatevs.

    But I am also for anyone who takes a stand for something they love. And you rock your Ed Hardy with pride girl. I'm not the Gospel, just someone that is full of obnoxious opinion. I'm pretty sure you aren't in love with every single label that is out there…?

    Thanks for reading anyway xx

  3. Anonymous // 2010-06-08 at 11:13 AM // Reply

    "if I went shopping with a mate, and she chose something from Mr Audigier, I'd probs 'advise' her not to"

    On the basis that you don't like the label? I personally would only advise a friend against a purchase if it made her look fat, slutty or ridiculous..I can't see how a colorful printed singlet or t shirt could be such a fashion failure, Like you said it is your own obnoxious opinion I just fail to see the reasoning behind slamming a label and making a assumption that everybody who wears it is a tosser…Seems like you are just jumping on the "general concensous bandwagon"

    I myself do not wear Ed hardy, so I am not passionate about the label itself, What I am passionate about is indiduality in all brands and respect for the hard work that goes into ALL OF THEM…Then again, While you are ridiculing..They are laughing straight to the bank with it 😉

    Respect for your cool headedness during a debate, most people can't handle themselves.

  4. Yes, but the joke is on them 'cause they are laughing all the way to the bank wearing Ed Hardy :) haha, kidding.

    Yeah look, I see where you are coming from. And I might be on the general concensous bandwagon…actually, thats probs very true. I'm sure that not everyone who wears it is a tosser…they just look like one.

    And whilst I'm sure Ed Hardy is extremely well made and those Italians are making mega bucks, it still doesnt sway my view. Or most of the people I know.

    I'm pretty sure they don't need our business anyway. So its win win!

    Friends? x

  5. Anonymous // 2010-06-08 at 4:46 PM // Reply

    Dear Anonymous,

    Ed Hardy is THE tackiest, shittiest, proof that if you put an outrageous price tag on what is essentially poo smeared over fabric then idiots will buy it.

    The one redeeming factor is that I can judge who not to talk to by the fact that they wear ed hardy.

    Love Craig D x

  6. Anonymous // 2010-06-09 at 11:16 AM // Reply

    Dear Craig,

    What a sad, sad world you live in..I'm sorry to hear how narrow minded you are.

    I have never had the desire to judge somenody who just didn't live up to my standard's of a person who i would get along with based on their choice of clothing.

    I guess fashion is another thing that started off as a thing of beauty and has now been turned into something sickening and negative.

  7. Dear Anon,

    It's the world against you here I'm afraid. 99% of the people who wear Ed hardy are fucking idiots. I used to work next to one of their stores and the only people who went in there were bogans who somehow got well paying jobs and love the fact Ed Hardy combines tattoos, bling and "designer brands" which they think they love. Oh and tourists. So yeah, not wearing Ed Hardy is sound advice because it's a shit brand run by a massive knob (seriously, look Christian Audigier up and then tell me that he's not a fuckwad after reading about how he "designs" his clothes). The guys in Jersey Shore love and constantly wear Ed hardy, so that's a pretty good sign it's tacky as fuck and not for anyone with an ounce of taste.

    No Love,


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