Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway Part 89


I never used to, but then that ad came on the telly where that bird is mopping the floor with an octopus and he looked so sad! I Google’d that shit, and it turns out that those super chemical heavy brands we use to clean our kitchens and bathrooms totally do major damage to the big pond when it all goes down the drain. This might go above some of your heads because you don’t even buy cleaning products and YOU need to check yourself before you wreck yourself you dirty slag.



This section was inspired by ‘Anon’ who asked me how to give a good hand job.   Well my dearest Anonymous, I must applaud you for wanting to please your man. I hope he is out there somewhere asking what is the best way to flick your bean because otherwise the bonehead don’t deserve you.  Firstly, no one knows how to give a better handjob than a man. Why?  Because they are all wankers. Literally. The only thing they are thinking when they are beating themselves off is, ‘Man! Wouldn’t it be handy if someone else was doing this for me?!’ So yeah, make sure you are lying next to him and kind of wrap your hand around his pee pee as if he was holding it himself.  Hold it firm enough to get a grip but loose enough so not to hurt him…kind of like how you would hold a water balloon. Kinda. You need to start with slow long strides up and down…maybe massaging his balls with your other hand as you go. The big no no here is for it to be dry…you are not starting a fire so no friction. You can use some KY but if you are wanting to be a dirty little girl, a bit of spit goes a long way.  You have to build up pace and keep it consistent. Not stop start stop start…that’s just frustrating for our lucky little man. If you have stamina and can keep up the pace it shouldn’t be too long before they blow but if he is being a difficult bastard then give him the ‘ol ‘2 hander’ and maybe just wrap your mouth around the tip. Getting your tits out wouldn’t hurt because boys sure do like dem visuals. And lastly, look as though you are enjoying it. I mean, I know it can be tedious but a look of boredom and no ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ is just not cricket. Asking him for a bit of guidance and a bit of ‘do you like that baby?’ won’t go astray either.  God speed!



You are irritating and lame. And if you are over 25, you are slightly retarded as well.

I don’t know where I get this shit.

7 Comments on Take my advice…I don’t use it anyway Part 89

  1. Shaunography // 2011-05-31 at 9:30 PM // Reply

    Some good points but actually the perfect handjob is a blowjob…

  2. I agree with Shaun

  3. Good BJ tips Tam. Applause.

  4. Anonymous // 2011-06-01 at 9:45 PM // Reply

    dexter prefers a dry rub x

  5. Anonymous // 2011-06-03 at 2:25 PM // Reply

    Oi, you are a goddess, Owl. Thanks so much. Will take the tips to heart.

    – Anon from before

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