It’s that time again! The time where I give unprofessional and probably misguided advice on products that I think are the bizz nizz.   Fuck those beauty ads  (Max Factor make lashes 6 times longer?  Max Factor should make condoms) listen to your Mama Owl.



The best foundation I have used ever.  I know I have said this before about Armani Face Fabric  but seeing as I’m not a millionaire, I went the Clinique route. They ain’t ‘cheap’ per say but they are cheaper than most and hot damn value for money.  I think this is like $30 … around there.  I bought this in the UK and I am never looking back! (or at least until my next beauty post) I love it because it covers all the shit yet is light and lets the skin BREATHE….whatever that means.




Before foundation comes primer.  Apparently. I was so anti priming hey…I thought it was just a money making racket.  But since some beauty salesperson twisted my arm I have realised that it is indeed a crime not to prime.  I have used a few but this SMASHBOX baby has come out with the gold medal.  Honey, your foundation will never last as long as it will with this genius film underneath it. So worth it. In actual fact, I’m wetting my knickers over the brand SMASHBOX in general of late. So much so I copped this brush as well…

At $70 it weren’t cheap but hey, as they say, it’s an ‘investment’.  I was just so sick of cheap brushes leaving their bristles all over my mug. For one, I am half Portuguese so I have enough threatening facial hair to contend with, let alone those fibres that fall out of knock off make up brushes.  Plus this brush flutters butterly soft over your precious pores.





Staying on the subject of skin, do ya’ll moisturize your entire body? Whaddya mean NO?!  Hop to it chicken, else you have the threat of Donatella Versace esque hide hovering over your head when you’re like 50.  You don’t have to drop a bunch of clams either, this Garnier shit is the bomb! It’s only like 6 bucks from your local supermarket and it makes your skin feel like skin of child.  Don’t forget to rub it in your boobs too!




I am a big lover of eyeshadow.  If I were sent to a desert island and I could only take 5 things it would be: sunscreen, a man with a face like Beckham and the abs of Jesus, a jar of mayo, a flick knife and white eyeshadow.  I love white eyeshadow. Blended into the corners of your peepers and on your brow bone it will make you look wide eye’d and bushy tailed no matter what.  Currently I am using this one by URBAN DECAY and the colour is POLYESTER BRIDE’ …haha, I love colour names in cosmetics!  They are often the deciding factor in my purchases.



I am on the hunt for a new perfume.  This Comme one just finished and I can’t re purchase because it’s summer and this is quite possibly the heaviest scent to ever grace my body.  Apparently if pure gold had a smell, this is what it would smell like.  Yup.  I looooooved it for winter but for summer I kinda want to smell like a girl that would take you to Heaven but give you Hell.  If you know what I mean.

Anyway, I hold the belief that a girl should never buy her own watch or her own perfume so if someone is offering I am after anything in the Diptyque range ta!

The end!

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  1. Totally agree with you on the Clinique foundation thing. My all knowing mum got me onto it. As for primer, you may have convinced me. I think I’ll ask someone to give it to me from Christmas and I’ll go from there. Thanks Owlie

  2. Max Factor make lashes 6 times longer? Max Factor should make condoms.
    LOVE YA!

  3. Just what I was looking for! On the topic of affordable moisturizers Woolworths baby lotion is the bizniz!

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