I’m back with the goods!

First up…




ILLAMASQUE POWDER FOUNDATION.  You have quite frankly never known anything like it.  Photoshop in a compact!  Alex calls it my ‘miracle powder’ but she had to use it first to see what I meant.  I can go on and on and on about it here and it will never do it any justice.  This beauty just kills any imperfections and makes you look flawless! Yes I said it, flawless!  You can cop it on their website and they sell it in Myer here in Melbourne.  It was invented in Berlin for the drag queens for Gods sake, what more do you want?!



I have tried all the gradual self tanners or ‘holiday skin’ creams out there.  PALMERS COCOA BUTTER NATURAL BRONZE is the best.  No it really is!  Mainly because it doesn’t smell and also ’cause it makes me golden and not jaundice.  It’s light, absorbs quickly, and is 8 bucks from Woolies.  I put it on every single day and I feel better for it.  Its amazing how we look thinner with a tan hey?



Another thing that makes you thinner are protein bars.  AUSSIE BODIES PROTEIN FX are my new meal time supplements when I’m on the go.  Which is basically every morning.  They also taste good and fill you up till lunch time.   Don’t get hooked though, you need all your nutrients!  But God dammit these are convenient.  Not cheap though…$4?  But Hell, whats 4 bucks for a meal?!



KEVIN MURPHY POWDER PUFF.  You will never have flat hair again! Chuck this shit in at the roots and pow! You are all 1980s glam rocker’s girlfriend! It is also GREAT for if you haven’t washed your hair because it literally sucks up all the oil like a little genius.  I am hooked on this because my hair goes flat as a pancake.


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