Lemme tell you, I love make-up. It’s soul purpose in it’s little perfectly packaged life is to make you look better!  Unlike fucking garms that make you look fat and get you all depressed when you can’t fit into a size 10 anymore! Ehrm. Moving on.

Look at this…



It’s the 88 eyeshadow palette from COASTAL SCENTS for $13 US. Now we know how strong the Aus dollar is atm so flex hard wit yo credit card Aussies because shits cheap. Even if the dollar wasn’t on a winning streak, this is really reasonable for a multitude of colours that will last you frikkin ages. I went through this phase a while ago of being absolutely addicted to beauty tutorials on youtube, and every one of those bitches were banging on about Coastal Scents and how reasonable it is yadda yadda so I got it.  Besides, I ain’t forking out 40 clams for a single fushia pink eyeshadow from MAC when I’ll probably wear it once and look like I had conjunctivitis AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU!  It comes in matte and shimmery…I went with the former.



On to more pressing matters, let’s talk fighting the seven signs of aging. Never in my life have I been more insulted when I went to the schmancy Lancome counter looking for a pressed powder and got advised, no TOLD to start ‘investing’ in anti aging cream. Why I never! But then…she does have a point. I might as well start now seeing as my twenties are about to leave my life quicker than the last man I had in my bed. I SWEAR TO GOD I AM NOT LYING WHEN I SAY THIS SHIT WORKS BEFORE YOUR EYES. I totally looked 19 and a half again after I ‘apply this to my eye area’. And so it bloody should for over 50 bucks a pot. But hey, I figure I spend about $300 a time giving my car a service which I will probably sell in 3 years but my face is for life…you know?


I’m gonna talk foundation for a second. When I lived in Western Australia,  temperatures were so bloody hot my face used to melt off. Literally. So I tried my hardest to work out how to keep stuff from sliding off my mug the minute I walked outside into the furnace. Living in the cooler temps of Melbourne have defs helped with the issue, but guurrrrlll you gots to prime! i.e. put a layers of some kind of oil absorber between your skin and the make up.  I have heard of hundreds but I bought this one from BENEFIT called Dr. FeelGood and… does what it says on the can! My face feels like the velvety skin of a penis when I put this shit on.  It also absorbs all the the oil on your skin…that is, if you have a natural amount of oil. If you are prone to be a bit of an oil slick, then you might need something more er…industrial.

The next step was this bad boy…

A stippling brush. I got the MAC one but you can find these duo fibre bad asses all over the shop.  I would drop the coin on them though because cheap brushes shed and I am half Portuguese so I have enough fucking hair on my face already. ANYWAY. The idea of using this brush is to not sweep your foundation on with it but to ‘stipple’.  For example, you take a bit of make up on the back of your hand or whatever and dab the white bits on it and then start stippling your face in a dabbing motion. You know how like the more pixels (series of little dots) there are on a digital photo the clearer it is?  Same with this. You start stippling little dots all over your face and keep going and adding slowly until your face is covered. a) you use a hella less ‘product’ and b) it literally gives an air brushed effect. I swear! Try it if you don’t believe me. It’s amazing.

After that you need to ‘set’ the stuff so I got this stuff…



I can’t even begin to think what they are gonna say at customs when I decant a bit of this in a plastic bag to take on the plane. Do not be put off by it being white, it is actually clear when it goes on your face.  I didn’t really want yet more make up to go on top of the foundation but I wanted to set it and this stuff is great! It’s clear silicone in powder form and glides (yes glides) on your skin and keeps all your stippling in place! I love it! The only thing is, there isn’t really that much in a container (you greedy MAC bastards) but other than that, I am hooked hey. It’s called MAC Prep and Prime. And I do now. All the time.

Another good finishing powder is this mineral powder by MAC…



It’s good for night time. It obviously is a little bronze (which I love) but again, it doesn’t go on as dark as it looks here, it just kind of leaves your skin silky and slightly sun kissed.  It’s called MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and it pretty much polishes your face.  The lovely Sarah from all dolled up fame used it on me over the weekend and this was the result …



If you can look past the fact that Zitney Spears is doing a world tour on my chin at the minute, you will be able to tell the sheen that my skin has.  I really like how my skin looks here and it is really down to this mineral powder stuff.



Did you even know that Palmer’s DID skincare?  Neither did I! And I LOVE the coco butter goodness of the body lotion so I bought this recently from the supermarket when I was buying tampons just to see what it was like. I only got the night cream because I thought it might be a bit heavy but it is actually just enough! I am in love with this. It smells amazing and I swear my skin improved since using it which is a result because after spending all my cash on that Lancome wank fest I wasn’t exactly skipping over to the ATM, so any bargains that actually work are fine by me.  And a bargain this baby is at only 8 dollarzzz.

That’s all from me!  The only other thing that can sort out the 5 piece luggage set from under my eyes is some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so g’night Owlies! x

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